A Lady needs your help

I was reading new comments on a post below (the toke post), and found this comment about a lady who almost poisoned herself, which has left me speechless.  This lady needs help, but to be honest I don’t know where to start from. No 1) the man is gay. 2) He beats her? 3). Her mum is asking her to stay back? Here is what she posted;
Pls somebody I need a counselor…. I can’t take it anymore mine (husband) sleeps with women and mostly men! I saw the threats before marriage but I was desperate to get married and he is also Wealthy….. Am tired of fighting his boy and gal friends….. I almost drank poison d other time cus I didn’t hv anyone to talk too… My mum says I should bare it! Wat will people say if I leave him! He even beats me! It is until d roll out my corpse? Oluwa ooooo

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