Liz Akan wows again with her cakes

Does anyone remember a cake post we did sometime ago? Lol, I’m sure some legends do and will know why I laughed. Anyways, there are more samples of cakes you can view, incase you are having a party soon, or you just love cakes and you want it in your fridge always, (like I told E4 PR), lol. The cakes are lovely…. Here is the link. Before I forget, here is what they also said about us (me and you guys), lol. Call me boring, I will still copy and paste it….muah.  
‘Finally, i can’t resist adding this bit: how can i ever forget how i met Ladun Liadi, who also noticed Nene’s cakes and loved them the first time she saw the photos on my blog… 😀 …hehehe…Ladun, if you’re reading this, you know nah *wink wink*…her anons ehn…kai…my back break sef…na crutches i carry waka comot from there…lol! Before that “meeting”, Linda Ikeji was my only favourite 9ja Gossip blog, but thanks to Liz Akan’s cakes, Ladun Liadi became my next favourite. If you want to laugh your head off, just check out those two interesting blogs and if you have extra time, meet their ANONS in the comment sections. They are annoying, funny, vicious and entertaining all at the same time; but “blog-world” wouldn’t be fun without them, so one just has to develop a thick skin oh! Lmao!!!’
By the way, am still looking for a way of getting gist…. I don’t want to own a boring blog, no, not me, lol.

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