The other side of adultery

USUALLY, there could be some excitement in furtive liaisons especially in self-styled ‘liberal’ societies but in other societies with a strong sanction system, such could mean death. For instance, Iran is bent on killing one of its own, Sakineh Mohammadi, who had been convicted of adultery. Initially, she was to be stoned to death but somehow death by stoning has lost its human face and death by hanging is being considered as an alternative.
AS if it matters the manner of death! The point of abuse of basic fundamental human rights is of no significance, nor is the absurdity of punishing an individual for an offence that normally involves a minimum of two actors. It is necessary for women associations to speak up against this gross s*xual discrimination and it is strange that the West, which prides itself on liberalism that would cut aid from countries that would not grant gay rights to human flukes has not yet found it expedient to condemn this barbaric dispensation of justice.

BUT perhaps the confusion of the West can be understood against the background of adultery being harder to define in a homos*xual relationship than in a heteros*xual one. It is hard to understand punishing adultery with death in a society which tolerates the s*xual abuse of minors but it is even strange to any kind of logic that the woman picks the bill with her life in furtive liaisons!
Source: Tribune

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