Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuface speaks on marriage proposal to Annie Macaulay

So Tuface had this interview with thenetng.com after he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Annie on Val’s day. In this interview, he speaks about the baby he is expecting with Pero. What he expects from Sunmbo and his wedding plans to Annie. Please sit, relax and grab a bottle of coke and popcorn as you digest these heartbreaking, yet juicy words of Innocent Idibia.
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Of your three ‘baby mamas’, why Annie?
That’s where my heart led me to.
Why Valentine’s Day?
That’s when it happened.  It just so happened to be the time I felt the need to make that move.
Considering that you have known her for such a long time and what has happened with you with the women and the children, when did you decide to make the move?
It was part of my New Year resolution to follow my heart this year.
How did the thought come into your mind?
Like any other thought about something important. You start feeling the need to do something or go somewhere different from deep within. Then you just make your move one time. No shaking.
When do you plan to tie the knot?
We will let you know soon enough.Why did it take you so long to finally make this decision?
I needed to get there, you know, reach the point wey e be say, gbagam!  My mind, heart and everything dey ready. The timing for marriage should not be determined by any outside influence my guy. If you are not ready for it don’t commit to it because some people think you should.
Were you nervous before you popped the question?
Yes I was but I was sure of what I was doing.
What if she had turned down the offer?
Wow! I would have asked again.
Can you really be a one-woman man?
Na the journey I don start so now, abi?
What will change now that you are about to get married?
Everything that needs to change.
What is your relationship with the other mothers of your children?
Same at it has been all the while. Cordial mostly. I’ve still got respect for them because we have kids together.
Do you know their reaction to this decision?
I know it may be difficult if any one happens to still be attached emotionally but I can only hope they understand that that’s where my heart is.
Other women have been associated with you in the past five years. Pero, as a matter of fact, is expecting a third child for you soon. One would have expected that the woman with three children would be your option. Not that you owe it anyone, but can you explain the reason for your choice?
Wow! And someone else would say it should have been the mother of my eldest child. Another person will even argue that it should be the lady that has been with me for the longest time. These are matters of the heart. They can’t always be analysed like that. Sometimes you no fit analyse am at all sef.
Being that you had three women to choose from, at least seemingly, what it is about Annie that decided it for you?
My mind, my body, my soul, my heart chose her.
Now that you have decided to settle down with your ‘True love’, your ‘African Queen’, how will this affect your song writing?
It will add more inspiration.
Your next album drops very soon. Any chances of an ‘African queen II’ to celebrate your fiancée?
Yes o!
Who will perform at your wedding?
Certainly not me. A couple of my colleagues definitely.


  1. Let me say this again and again. There is no need of publicizing this too much, what is there to celebrate after all she has gone thru? She had better be prayerful.

  2. 2Baba u dey funny sha...I'm very happy for you that you are showing signs of maturity in your outlook to life. I wish you success in yr marriage and many more years of musical success and prosperity...Amen!

  3. The ring is ugly ! and annie has very ugly fingers.. black knucles and all! i laugh in british accent (lol) this girl certainly does not know what she has put herself into! like seriously she is so dumb! yeah she will be tubaba's wife but someone better tell her that there is more to marriage than that one day that people will come and chop rice! after that day you are on ur own babe!

  4. What does he think Sumbo and Pero would do, fold their arms and congratulate them?

  5. You know you loved her from the start. Why did you impregnate two other ladies in between? smh

  6. 2face na my man (as in, i am a fan) but his choice in women leaves so much to be desired. I am not just talking about physical attributes.

  7. anon 5:03, like he said these things can't be easily analysed.

  8. "these things can't be easily analysed."
    Such a strong statement.

  9. my advise for him is to marry 3 of dem,if not annie won't ve rest of mind in dat marriage.its good d way he proposed to annie first cos shes his first love,and what i believe his dat he loves all of them if not he wont impregnate them again after d first experience or will he claim dat they forced themselves on him? he should do d same to d 3 of them so dat peace can reign cos dey all ve the right to happiness and marital bliss. 2face knew he loves annie then y did he put d odas in d family way.As for d statement ,things can't be easily analyzed,it doesnt apply to dis scenario cos we all know wat we want but we tend to be greedy

  10. anon. 6:53, after all is said and done, it is still not as easy to analyse as you think.

  11. the best part for me:

    "What if she had turned down the offer?

    Wow! I would have asked again."

  12. Its such a great decision for tubaba. who would av tot he will ever tink of marriage after five children? may God bless their union.

  13. ONOME says.................
    He is an a**e,a big true one......cordial relationship ehn?ok na we sha see
    He is just an irresponsible man who should learn how to keep his d**k in his pants.I feel sorry for the other women!Anyhow u lot deserve yourselves #iamout#

  14. So Annie, you have it there: his relationship with the other women will be "same as it has always been, cordial mostly"
    Cordial with pero - baby #3 on the way.
    So expect more babies, I mean- more of the same.

  15. in all of this its the children i feel for. they are presently living in a dysfunctional familial setting and their wayward and irresponsible self centred parents don't give 2 bananas.

    on one hand is baby mama no 1 her concern is not for the child but using it to hook 2 face. same for baby mama pero who thought manufacturing babies is a sure fire way of getting married to a guy by force she has not only succeeded in making a fool of herself at her age and level of ugliness but she has dragged her father's hard earned name in the mud i can't imagine how prince adeniyi would be feeling right now the next episode is that she will either abandon the children in their anthony family house or take the anger and disappointment out on the children i really hope ppl are keeping a close watch on her so she won't poison the children or do something drastic because the more she looks at them and sees their father's face the angrier she ll get.

    . I'm sure the sumbo had seen the hand writing on the wall and has sensible people around her hence slowly dis entangling herself from the 2face brand or they must have had a heart to heart talk and made her realise.

    i will continue to talk whenever i see these people's stories because i can't allow any man to manufacture children who will grow up and become a menace to our society.although i really pray that the lord will let them turn out ok and brilliant but it has been scientifically proven that
    its children like this who didn't get love and affection like other kids who turn out as psychopaths and angry violent individuals

  16. How some of yall dwell on the negative and encourage bad behavior
    even things you would never do yourselves
    Most of yall commenting here are women
    I'd like to think you are responsible and matured don't you have relationships too?
    How can you suggest it is okay for a woman to stop taking the pill and fall pregnant without seeking consent of her partner
    I mean like SERIOUSLY you think after that he will forgive you and propose like you didn't fuck up
    Pero and Sunmbo were both married before meeting 2face and they had the nerve to carry belle several times
    You really think these pregnancies were all planned? They set the guy up period
    They were lucky enough he accepted responsibilty and is paying child support
    Annie too was wrong for having a child out of wedlock but she is fortunate he really loves her and kept his words

    Stop saying he should marry all 3 of them were they worrying about a ring when they were spreading their legs? will YOU do that?
    Let's not play stupid here

  17. Kemiismyrealname22 February, 2012 00:39

    The funny thing is I kinda believe Pero's tweet 'bout her and Tuface getting engaged. Her mistake was that she did not take a picture asap and spread it via social media. Tuface is most certainly on crack or some other cheap drug. We wait to see how the whole thing will end.

  18. if pero and tuface indeed got engaged, why did he deny it?
    in annie's case, he admitted to it

  19. If Pero says good morning, I'll go out of my house to ensure it's morning and not afternoon.

  20. Whoever believes pero, chronic liar.

  21. Am too gutted to comment , how can a young vibrant girl abi na lady loose it over a useless , mistake of a man , have we all lost it in this zombie country , what happiness ? , what love ? For someone who could not add any value to your relationship except sleep around and have children all over the place , and to think you went to university , your have meet with people who are exposed , intelligent , and enlightened , it's a big shame , no hating oooh but really feeling sorry for you .
    As for your fans kindly zip it up , unna no try for am oooh but what do I expect from dullards .

  22. What i dont get is why he had to propose at this time, when some othe woman was expecting his 3rd baby? Could he not just wait till some months after the birthing? Na so the conji hook am?

    I wonder why these girls cannot let go of him. Na only him sabi f**k?

  23. @mama somtee
    i no believe u
    didn't you cussed annie here a while ago you ranted so much and so bad i felt sorry for the poor woman
    now you don upgrade her to ... "young vibrant girl" calling her "lady"...LWTMB
    we are here commenting about what these celebs let us know abt their private lives and it's not that much whatever conclusions you dey come up with is based on partial leaked-out stories
    and here you are calling 2face "useless , mistake of a man" choi... he is human just like us ooo he has weaknesses too
    na we all are citizens of this zombie country abi? spending time on the net talking abt other people's life like they send us
    2face is moving on or at least he is trying

  24. @Me, Mama Somtee's post are all senseless & two faced. Lack of intelligence from her and bad English.

  25. @ anon and me , am so entitled to me opinion as you guys are not God and all knowing free me . But you know what if you feel very bad anon aaabeg carry cane , as you cannot touch me hug a transformer with your bad belle , your following me all over the blogs makes me feel important ----- I sure know someone enjoys reading my comment and envy's me . Bring it on ,am here for good .See how it took you so long , just woken up from your slumber ?????? Or you just recharged ? Ireti girl

  26. Shut up Mama Somtee with your bad English. Ara oke woman.

  27. @ anon yes oooh am ara oke how you Sabi , you must be a winch lol as pe you are. abutty that schooled at ireti primary school , I don talk am bring cane , omo jatjati , wey you MFM near unna abi na London you dey , go do deliverance dat thing don dey start small small as it's the season .

  28. Gosh serial abuser. Get a life.

  29. @ano gosh serial follow follow grow up and stop hating , you too dey form ajebo abi ireti girl you meant yeahhh paripaipa , omo gutter .

  30. Annie won the race

  31. I will advise annie to be hard-working so that she can train her children in a very good way in other to secure their future,she forget about getting married to a star is just a show you are on your own annie.so think wisely