Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tweets of fans accusing Bobby Brown of Whitney Houston’s death

American pop star, Whitney Houston is dead, but her fans won’t get off her ex-husband’s back. Here are few of their many tweets, accusing Bobby Brown of her death.
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  1. Aww bobby i hope the accusations are not true

  2. Heard her daughter was rushed to the hospital this evening.Sad

  3. really sad its a shame that this present generation takes things for granted look at the likes of dione warwick,tina turner and the mo town set who are now in their 60s and 70s why are they not dying of drug overdose n stuffs?the answer is because they know what they went through in those days before getting to the top the present generation have forgotten the struggles hence take the success and adulation for granted.

    some ppl died of cancer through no fault of their own,and they even tried their best to stay alive but cancer took them away whitney houston had everything talent,voice,money yet she and bobby brown urging made the decision to dabble in drugs
    people begged and urged and prayed for her to go straight but now see where it has ended.

  4. @Lucabracee Please respect the dead. She is dead and gone now.

  5. Lucabracee please enough with your sermonizing! Every thread I open you're giving some sermon on the mount like you're honoring us with some revered information. How old was jimi Hendrix when he died? Or elvis presley? Or Marvin Gaye? And do you know what they all had in common? Drug related deaths. Etta james and Ray Charles were heavy drug users for years but managed to kick the habit and lived long after. Its not a 'generation' thing but a human failing everyone is susceptible to. Some just happen to be stronger than others. Abegi.

  6. Disregard Marvin Gaye there. Was so upset I didn't even realize that was wrong as i typed. Rest in peace Whitney.

  7. Very sad

  8. lucabracee, you are such a tool.
    Do you just type without thinking?
    you are always posting rubbish.
    Just sit down and keep quiet.

  9. Marvin Gaye being in there is right on... In a drug induced state of paranoia he beat his father up, gave him a gun and challenged him to kill him, well, his father did just that...

    So yes, drugs had a part to play with it too..

  10. I don't know why people are blaming Bobby. Did he drown her in the tub?It's unfair to blame one person for another full grown, mentally matured adult's actions.
    It's all so unfair to their daughter, who has lost one parent already and the now having the living parent being demonized.

  11. as I ponder on d pass of WH, i leave u with these words "The KEY to your HAPPINESS or SADNESS is in your hands only. So give it to whoever you like at your peril because no one can make you HAPPY or SAD without your expressed or unexpressed CONSENT".
    though she's gone, she was my song bird, RIP d diva:-(

  12. Me Again; agreed!

  13. i agree with meagain saying that our happiness/sadness is in our own hands, but human behavior is entrenched in our environment, background and relationships, bobby brown played a big role in how whitney houstons life turned out, may we never be in abusive relationships, it does something to ur psychy that u never return from. And Drug addiction is a disease much like cancer, its hard to shake off, may we never pick it up. All i pray now is that bobby will be a good father to their little gal. RIP Whit.

  14. Did bobby kill Whitney? No! They were one of a kind. Drug Addicts. She left him and could have turned her life around, but no she hit the bottles hard. She has always been a crazy person before,with and after bobby. She was even older than him and should have had a better influence. Sh.t happens. RIP WH.

  15. I opened this fully expecting to see some inane and ultimately irrelevant comment from the obviously unemployed 'criminologist' - lucabracee. What a shame. I was floored when I saw that 'it' copied 'its' comments on late Susan's death from this blog and pasted on Linda's blog. Disheartening. Get a life, maybe then your opinions would count. RIP Whitney.

  16. Whitney was from the hood in Newark, New Jersey. The media made out like she was clean and she wasn't. She married her type in Bobby Brown and they enabled each other. She was definitely getting high before she met him. Sad thing is that she died in the midst of those who will profit most from her death. The show must go on and the show did go on. Kudos to Clive Davis. Not!!

  17. @anon 12;20
    if you don't have anything sensible to contribute other than latching on to my comments like an irritating house fly go freestyle on the motorway rubbish!!
    what you have failed to realise due to blindly typing like you have just acknowledged in your follow up comments is that
    1.they were a minority
    2.they were relatively young
    the context of my comment was on the whole compare the drug related deaths this days to the present
    generation before making blanket and hollow assumptions based on a handful.

    @anon 13;43
    i think you need a reaaaallllyy warm bear hug

    @anon 12;14

    i wasn't disrespecting her my mother died of ovarian cancer and i can tell you she fought it with everything she had for a whole year before she lost the battle my point is that whitney houston on the other hand
    GOD blessed her with an incredible voice,riches but she chose to pour everything down the drain
    not only did she fritter away over 100 million pounds on GOD knows what,both she and the juke ex husband have transferred the it to their daughter who is said to be an habitual cocaine user

  18. Well, look at the pot calling the kettle black! Blanket and hollow assumptions? lol!Those deaths were in the minority? Really? If you were as diligent to properly determine the facts of which you speak as you are to spout your "perceived" knowledge on said facts, then you'd realize that there are as many people who died back then as there are who have died (and are dying)in recent times. Google is your friend - embrace it.