30 NAIJA FACTS! Really???

This is what you get when some people sit down to match issues, lol. It has been going around on BB for days, since I got it a third time, I decided to share it. Funny really funny.
1. 90% of people who are indigenes of Ibadan, Oyo state have gaps between their teeth.
2. Adele hails from Ede Osun state. Full name Adeleye Adetokunbo
3. Only 18 people out of 18000 who registered passed Neco and Waec in Gombe state.
4. Females from Imo state Nigeria have more hair on their chest than the males.
5. The cost of living in Abuja, is more expensive than the cost of living in UK

6. Ibadan girls don’t shave their P***y.
7. Nigeria has the highest number of musicians in the world.
8. Abuja girls are materialistic. Expensive but cheap.
9. Beware of Edo girls
10. Maiduguri girls have the longest hair.
11. Ijebu people fart all the time. Even while having sex.
12. Ibo girls are stingy and greedy.
13. Fulani girls have the longest tongue.
14. PH girls like it in the A**
15. Benue girls have the deepest *****.
16. There’s a place called Sabo in every northern state in Nigeria.
17. Gwagwalada is the hottest place in Nigeria
18. Nigeria has the highest number of police officers in Africa
19. Osun state has the highest number of Yahoo boys in 9ja.
20. 4 out of every 5 edo girls has a connection in Italy.
21. Calabar girls don’t want your money, all dey need is your energy.
22. Nigerians make up 1/8 of the population of Malaysia.
23. China’s best market is Nigeria.
24. A man was recently sentenced to death by hanging for stealing a car radio, While Cecila Ibru was sentenced to 6 months for moving 150 billion
25. An average lagosian has his bath by 5:00pm.
26. An average Ibo man can smell money 100 meters away.
27. Nigerians are the highest users of slangs in Africa, 2nd only to USA in the world
28. Nigeria’s president has d longest vehicle convoy in the world.
29. The most spoken phrase in Nigeria is “How far?”
30. Nigeria is the only country where everybody looks forward to hearing the First Lady speak.

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