Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comedian OgusBaba Involved In Ghastly Auto Crash

If not for the intervention of God, the entertainment industry would have lost another bright talent to the cold hand of death. Stand-up comedian and organizer of Laugh Goes on comedy and musical concert, Akpobome Ogude, popularly known as Ogusbaba was on the 4th of March, last week Sunday involved in a ghastly accident which almost claimed his life on his way to Port Harcourt from Warri.bAccording to his publicist, a black Prado Jeep which was trying to overtake about four cars at a time ran into him, and in the process of trying to dodge the Jeep, the Toyota Camry car he was driving somersaulted and he almost lost his life in the process. But for good Samaritans who rushed to save him, it might have been another story entirely.  The comedian is said to be hale and hearty.
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  1. Thank God for his life

  2. ONOME says........................
    The bane of Nigeria's roads.....
    Pot holes,non existent traffic lights;no traffic rules;no speed cameras;cars not road worthy;drivers who have no business being on the roads;driving under the influence;overspeeding;no lane divisions;narrow roads;no street lights;no emergency accident services; oh the list could go on!
    It's really unfortunate...I am glad he survived the accident without a scratch.I am also tired of lamenting about the above every time something like this happens,i learnt some roads in Nigeria are being rehabilitated.Nigerian roads have claimed one too many young
    May God help us all.....

  3. A car that just crashed is rusted? Naigeians are so stupid. ROFLMBAO.

  4. anything for publicity.

  5. @Anonymous 09/03/2012 07:13, the car wasn't rusted. If u looked more closely, u'd have noticed the "rusty" parts were just mud stains. BTW, Nigerians are not stupid. Don't believe everything u see or hear from afar. Use your critical thinking skills. Cheers!