Court Shuts Down Island Top Fun Spot, A-Bar


It was as if the impossible happened about 2 days ago, when court bailiffs acting on the authority of a judgment against the owners of the former watering hole for the Island’s upwardly mobile- A-Bar, came in with about a truckload of policemen and threw out every A-Bar’s properties.
Apparently the owners of the joint- Osa Asemota, Marshall Onwuameze & Yusuf Hamman have had a long running battle with their landlord for quite awhile now, and the Landlord was said to have given them a quit notice, which they didn’t agree to, so it became a court case and the aftermath of the whole brouhaha was what culminated to their forced ejection. Click to continue reading….

Though we couldn’t confirm for a fact, what was the main cause of their fallen out with the landlord, one of the things we heard was that a #16 Million naira unpaid rent might have been the trigger.
For the 16 years old joint, which was opened by the trio in 1996, it is the end of a glorious era; as they were the fore-runners to a lot of joints and upstarts that later came up, but couldn’t stand the test of time.
For the loyal patrons of the joint, many who had turned the joint to their home away from home, it was like someone major had died and it’s been sadness galore. The place is said to hold a lot of great memories for many of the patrons.
While Yusuf is said to have left the business that had been a shadow of its old self since a while now, to concentrate on his hotel in Abuja, Osa Asemota, would now be able, to fully concentrate, on his car/communication’s business, it’s only Marshall that we don’t readily know what he is doing, but we hear him and Yusuf are partners in the hotel business.

Source: Maestromedia

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