Fraud In The Entertainment Industry


I bet you, this has been going on for a long time in the industry. I don’t know the truth about this particular one, but a friend of the guy who was duped called my attention to it. The guy who is being accused has his photographs scattered all over Facebook already, he has been tagged a ‘Fraud Star’. So sad, young boys hustling, defrauding one another, na wa o… read the story….
“We just recently hosted Tiwa savage in Post Club, Birmingham. The deal right from onset is £4,500 – for Davido, Sauce kid, Lynxx n Tiwa savage. We paid this guy £3,000 so he can start promoting the event. We began to promote the event with Sauce kid and Tiwa Savage- he said we couldn’t promote Lynxx because he’s a guest and we can’t promote Davido until a week before the show. We agreed. Click to read more….

 Reaching a week to the event we paid this guy the remaining £1,000 because he was threatening that if we don’t pay the money, Davido won’t come and won’t do video drop. We wanted everything to be perfect. Suddenly we started hearing story that Davido is not coming because the manager is asking for more money. “Ok, agreed, we have jonzed there but ‘sup with Sauce kid and Tiwa savage, we hope all is well?” The bastard said yes. They are coming… Suddenly Sauce kid’s manager started pinging that he hasn’t been paid for our event. I called Nnamdi, “bro wassup nau?”… He kept saying he’d paid sauce kid. We pulled it till 16th when I was told that Sauce kid has gone Nigeria because he has a show on March 16th. And our own show is 17th so I called the guy again to ask what was going, it was a real big worry because we’d been promoting sauce kid and Tiwa savage- he said he’s working on it. My question to him was what happened to the £4k5 we paid..??? He stalled…until Sauce Kid tweeted that he hadn’t been paid at all…We got extremely worried. How can an artist do a video drop and tweet, claiming he hasn’t been paid??? We were SO worried. As if things could not get worse, I got a call from Tiwa savage’s big cousin saying Tiwa is not coming anymore because she hasn’t been paid. I thought ‘GOD, What’s going on???’  We had to pay for Tiwa’s flight which cost £1k9, her accommodation and transportation. When Tiwa arrived, her manager said she hadn’t been paid at all. Blow news. We called this Nnamdi guy millions of times he didn’t pick up his phone. We had to beg. And withdrew £1k2 to give them as a surety so Tiwa can perform coz they were saying… Now she’s here, she’s just gonna sleep and wake up in the hotel and she won’t perform at all. People were at the venue waiting for her. As at 11pm on 17th march, the day of our event, we were at the hotel begging these people .They agreed ‘cause we said by the end of March, we would pay the remaining 1k8. She performed- everything was good but all the money we made that day went to them. 50pence no follow me reach home. Since then, we’ve been trying to contact Nnamdi Ezenwa with no luck at all. When you the entire money spent, it’s almost £10k- we went through SO MUCH!!!”
Guys, this guy has to be caught because he may have (most likely actually) duped other businesses and it is quite painful AND embarrassing to have to go through this, thank God Tiwa Savage’s management were understanding, a perfectly successful and trustworthy business would have gotten a bad name and reputation for not providing what they promised. I beg again, PASS THIS ON!! Nnamdi Ezenwa if you’re reading this, you will be punished SEVERELY and may a hundred times worse happen to you, dude, you get NO RATINGS at all from me.
Nnamdi Ezenwa

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