Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I’m Not romancing Duncan Mighty - Porshekayiana

Alright its love in the air and we are still in the mood of love. The only thing left here is that, as we are celebrating love and babies, the only people who are not celebrating is I and Linda, Lmao. Nooo, I’m in a relationship oh, so I can’t wait to post pics of Linda and her man with Linda’s protruding tommy soon, lol. Back to the gist. So they told me about this female musician (Porshekayiana) who is making waves in Port Harcourt right now, and how she is in a romantic relationship with Duncan mighty. We had a long chat, but I will just post the ones that concern us here. Let’s see if some of us are good in decoding, lol. Oya click read more again…..  

You did a song with Duncan Mighty, how did you meet him?
He is an artiste and so am I. I felt I could do a track with him, and we did it together. It just happened.
But some people are saying the both of you are in a love relationship.
No, that is not true. He is a good person that loves good music. That is all I can say.
Are you saying you are not dating him?
That is all I can say for now
How do you mean?
I can’t say anything more than that
Has the collaboration affected your music career in anyway?
Yes it has. Duncan Mighty Is a big artiste. The song has helped to boost my career and I’m grateful to him.
Where do you expect to see yourself in the next five years?
By God’s grace, I will be among the few great artistes in Nigeria.


  1. In other words she's sleeping with him though she's not his girlfriend.
    Btw is that a subtle dig at linda? Wait until her voltrons catch you se o gbo?

  2. hehehehe. She kinda looks like Mosun Filani channeling Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj.

  3. Lol why is she denying him. The guy needs someone like her, my thoughts.

  4. See u famzing wit linda smh

  5. Why is Linda in this gist, I'm trying hard to decode...

  6. According to what I just read, they are helpers!;)

  7. Ladun why u gotta put Linda into this shit tho?
    O fe te abi? hummmmmm

  8. Men and women are meant for dating, lol

  9. Lol@ the 'o fe te abi' comment by anon 8:17. Linda's voltrons are going to be all over your a** Don't worry I'm an avid Ladun blog reader. We've got your back Ladun, na cyber fight abi, as long as it ain't the real deal, lol!

  10. Lol@the mosun filani comment