Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012: what's the real story

Since Monday, more than 21m people have viewed this film – made by an American charity called Invisible Children – about the plight of children in Uganda at the hands of the warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) guerilla group. His group is said to have abducted 60,000 children.
With its slick Hollywood production values, the film has been an almost instant viral success, dominating Twitter worldwide and having one of the fastest ever take-offs on You Tube. The hashtag #stopkony has had hundreds of thousands of tweets, and millions of people now know something about Uganda and what is happening to children there. Support for the campaign to end the conflict in the country this year is spreading. Please click to read more...
Kony stands accused of overseeing the systematic kidnapping of countless African children, brainwashing the boys into fighting for him, turning the girls into sex slaves and killing those who don't comply.
His forces are believed to have slaughtered tens of thousands of people and are known for hacking the lips off their victims. Kony has been wanted by the international criminal court since 2005 on charges that include crimes against humanity. He has been living in the bush outside Uganda since that time.
The US designated the LRA a terrorist group after September 11, and in 2008 began actively supporting the Ugandan military. In October, the president deployed 100 combat-equipped troops – mostly special operations forces – to Uganda to advise regional military units in capturing or killing Kony.
But it has also attracted criticism: there are questions about the charity's funding, its targeting of US leaders instead of African leaders to instigate change, and accusations that it is failing to criticise the Ugandan government, with its poor human rights record.
This excellent post by Michael Wilkerson, a journalist who has worked extensively in Uganda, starts busting some of the myths around Kony and the situation in Uganda. He writes:
It would be great to get rid of Kony.  He and his forces have left abductions and mass murder in their wake for over 20 years.
But let's get two things straight:
1) Joseph Kony is not in Uganda and hasn't been for six years;
2) The LRA now numbers at most in the hundreds, and while it is still causing immense suffering, it is unclear how millions of well-meaning but misinformed people are going to help deal with the more complicated reality.
It makes the following points:
• The LRA is not in Uganda but now operates in the DRC, South Sudan and the Central African Republic
• In October last year, Obama authorised the deployment of 100 US army advisers to help the Ugandan military track down Kony, with no results disclosed to date.
• The LRA is much smaller than previously thought. It does not have have 30,000 or 60,000 child soldiers. The figure of 30,000 refers to the total number of children abducted by the LRA over nearly 30 years.
It also makes the point that there is currently no threat to remove the US advisers who are working with the Uganda government to track down the army – Invisible Children's key aim is to force the US government to keep them there.


  1. Oil was discovered in Uganda recently, US intervention will help the US look good so Uganda will review the short term service agreements they currently offer in favor of ones like Nigeria has (-_-). So going after 'Joseph Kony' is to turn the US into a 'friend' of Uganda! I pray for Uganda's sake, they continue with their short term agreements and focus on the development of their Oil and Gas industry... Nigeria should serve as a cautionary tale! f this hidden agenda is true, I pray for Uganda's sake, they continue with their short term agreements and focus on the development of their Oil and Gas industry... Nigeria should serve as a cautionary tale! With that said, We as a people still need to know what the face of evil looks like in the 21st century! Who can't pick Hitler out of a lineup- can you pick out Idi Amin, Taylor, al-Bashir??? The point of the video was to know Kony, know his crimes and understand that the charity needs help/support to rehab those Ugandan children!

  2. 55 million people now. Just heard the figure on CNN and it's trending on Twitter!

  3. This story and mission to capture Joseph kony needs to be taken by all as a step which the human race can get control of their world... They say the voice of the people is the voice of God, well if nit tge almight God in this instance, then the international community would suffice.. A la US and other nations...

    I find this cause a very strong and passionate one. And yes kony might not be the only war lord commuting these crimes as such, but if he's captured, that's One evil man Aprehended, and others willfollow... Rome wasn't built in a day!

    I must say , this is tge best story/ share, I've seen on ladun liadis blog.. And I must also add, why am I not surprised that all these commenters aboard quick to pounce on a story where theycan hate, spite, and have no positive impact on... Why ain't they on this story??? Well it goes to show the kind of wielded live in.. " kony is bad! But are you supporting a cause that wants to see him go down?" now that's a real life bad man! We must see him go down! Not all these hating on people who's lives don't affect you.. Well it doesn't affect me if one person is posing with bb torch, or another has 20 boyfriends.. Can't be bothered!!

    Now back to this issue... I am proud to say i am involved.. I just purchased my kit!! It's going down at trafalgar square, London 20th April! I know a lot of people say; " we r in Nigeria/ parts of Africa" well.. It's a world wide thing.. It's on for tge whole of 2012.. and im sure he'll be apprehended! I don't care if America is interested in any oil that may be discovered there.. I care more about those " CHILD -SOLDIERS" stolen from their families , causing them pain, and using these children to commit despeakable crimes!!!


  4. I was just going to point out the interesting coincidence between the discovery of oil & gas reserves in Uganda and the American offer of "assistance".

    However, let's not be distracted. KONY must die or be sent away forever. He is an evil man that has tormented several generations of our African children! I don't care if the US steals all of Uganda's oil in the process!

  5. Koni must be caught

  6. Reading comments back... So much typo in my previous comments.. Guess you lot are smart and will deduce! ... I didn't read back, guess I was too passionate bout what I was writing plus I don't take myself too seriously...

    Oh well!!! Lets not lose focus on the main thing #stopKony2012

    Follow me On twitter... :-) @ayonoah ... Xx

  7. #stopKony2012

  8. he must surely go down soon:-(

  9. I have not seen the movie clip yet so I can't really give an informed opinion but just commenting because vulnerable children's issues and anything that affects them is close to my heart.
    Hopefully this will highlight and re ignite interest in d man's capture anyone who takes advantage of the vulnerable should be hounded and apprehended I really hope the ugandan villagers harbouring the man and his army give him up

  10. Ladun I guess ur beginning to see the light. Issorai. v

    That's the important question here.

    1. Are u high? how can that be d important question here.

  12. How can that be the important question here AIRHEAD? Someone is killing thousands of kids and misleading them year in, year out and you say Ugandan oil is the most important here? What if he kills the whole nation, what becomes of the oil? Must you talk so people could also say you commented on Ladun’s blog? Oga O, Iriri aiye

  13. Which is the greater evil? To have turned a blind eye to these atrocities for 30 years and all of a sudden become interested once oil is discovered in the country? It shows that humanity has gone so very low when evil does not matter unless there is something to be gained in stopping it. Same story in Rwanda, Syria, Darfur, etc. How many Hollywood superstars have been speaking out about Darfur and the atrocities there for years now, but no one is doing anything cause China is already there for the oil and there's nothing to be gained. Stop hypocrisy is what I say. All evil must be stopped no matter how small or great and without regard for what will be benefited.

  14. In fact, I will not be surprised if the US govt is somehow behind this campaign by the so called Invisible Children as a strategy to get in to Uganda. Seeing as all this publicity is coming a whole 6 years after the Kony guy has even left Uganda.

  15. Story. I don’t care of the US is after their oil or not. If they can help them capture Joseph Kony, then they should go ahead.

  16. Now i know who Kony is SMH

  17. I wasn't going to comment myself as i don't particularly care for armchair activism. All i would just say is Jaja God bless you, you literally spoke my mind.

    I don't support kony or anything but there are lot of unanswered questions, like for instance, how do these people have access to arms and ammunition? and have continued to operate clandestinely for years without interruption but once that country discovered oil, everyone now knows kony.

    As Africans, we ought to fight our demons ourselves, let US and their celebs take their two-faced activism elsewhere.

  18. Here comes the "cause célèbre.
    The advent of child soldiers and the rape of girls and women aren't new. It has always been used in low intensity wars from Charles Taylor to Mangosutho Buthulezi. What did the West do then? I'm not condoning this man's crimes but why the sudden interest? Oil has been discovered and Uganda wants to give it to China but the USA wants to get in there first! Hmmm, typical. There's a rumour that Kony is even dead and this video is like 8 years old. If you don't care about the USA wanting oil, i bet you didn't care that the British SBS bungled the hostage situation in Sokoto/Kebbi.
    Ladun all those who abuse us will never comment on posts like these. Goes to show how brain dead they are.