Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon And He is here On Ladun Liadi’s Blog

OMG, lmao. I don’t mean to insult this guy and I won’t. But to me he is another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon. The guy didn’t even chill at all. He even dropped his phone num. Someone needs to confirm if that line works. BTW, he left the comment on the post ‘Timaya Going The Way Of Tuface, Almost Ladies’. So the readers on this blog thinks they are the ISH, Salvatus Perez has come, please shift to the other side. *rolling off my sit*. Now click to read ‘our comment of the day’ and come back to read this, then you will know where am coming from, lol..….
gosh u guyz suck........ A milion timez cos ah see u gat no mannerz and a deserving-praise home bringing insultin celebritiez anyhw and nt only celebritiez it is llucid to me that most of u who are busy abusing TIMAYA are megalomanic or better still in a state of being i call 'post traumatic stress disorder' because you can nt b in a state of total well being and start abusing people whom has not even in your ill dreamz offended you. D women trippin for Timaya, 2face, aint under SPELL, etc However i want to stipulate here to clarity that cleaniliness is in d heart. Because u might look clean in terms of ur appearance but still look HIGGLEGY-PIGGLEDY at your interior. It could b your heart, atitude, etc to further clarify my point, you myt me wearing an expensive clothe worth a mILLION naira but ur undear wears havent been washed nor changed for d past five or more dayz. Yet u are wearing a clothe worth a million naira and lookin charming and mesmerizing. Its all about INNER  BEAUTY. He is ugly,short and dirty looking? Cool. He is still making his money, just like terry G. Etc You guyz should cease insulting TIMAYA and other celebritiez nd find something MERITORIOUS to do. Wel if u feel u wanna challenge me (SALVATUS PEREZ) here is ma nigerian number +2347065591614.


  1. Mgbeke feeling funky08 March, 2012 07:47

    Please ladun , no vex me , wet in be hon. Patrick fr here, Salvatore who spells "lucid" as "llucid" and which by d way means clarity and not clear is who u are comparing my Hon to. Abeg when he learns to seak English without sounding like his practicing his English for dummies, he should one back.

    Nigeria number noni, did u have a Nigerien one before?. *yimuest yimu*

  2. Ladun ooo! Hehehehe. Oh my dayz **gasping for breath, collapses in peals of laughter** i can literally feel d guys anger, chai, bros provoke. If only he got his prepos right...
    Btw 'I stipulate here to clarify'' was classic, hehehe. Praise home bringing... Lolz. Salute to Sir Perez, bros u too much!

  3. Hahaha God help this commenter.

  4. What sort of rant is this? Bring it on we are ready for you. LOL

  5. Hahahaha Ladun you won't kill us ooooooooooo

  6. Sir Perezzzzzzzzzz

  7. You have insulted the Honourable man by comparing him with this badly typed and shonky piece of work!

    Typing with text language is naff!!

    Who uses "z" instead of "s" these days? Even with texts, i don't see that anymore.

    Shelling galore for example; "abusing people whom has."

    Some people were sleeping when Nursery school English classes were in session.

  8. I'm not impressed at all.His comment is full of grammatical errors.

  9. @Ginika, She has not insulted Hon. Patrick in any form; I am sure they are on the same level (even though I am yet to read any of hp's writeup) hp sometimes lumps up words that have no business being together in his sentences prob because he thinks most pple are too lazy to check.

    So, who knows, he probably can't spell correctly half of the words he uses:-)

  10. Fatima follow HON.P on twitter, then u'll b sure he can spll what he says.

  11. Fatimah; you are yet to read his write ups and you have already concluded they are on the same level? How do you know he lumps words together when you have never read any of his write ups?

    He's definitely not on the same level with the Edo man. Still an insult to people who can tell the difference.

    The fact that he lumps words together doesn't mean they are grammatically incorrect. Agreed, there's a bit of tautology and verbosity when it comes to HP.

    There's a difference between how the Edo man writes/types and the drivel this guy has spewed.

    This one is just a badly written/typed script!
    Where did he find these words?
    clarity that cleaniliness
    myt me wearing an expensive clothe
    celebritiez nd

    The Edo man doesn't speak like that in person (I'd said it previously on a post here.) He took up this mantra when he went to the House of Reps. He said it was full of illiterate people and he used words to intimidate them and create some sort of shock value. In person, he's a perfectly English speaking man but i doubt if this guy can differentiate between his *has, have, is, of etc* in verbal English. He probably spells correct with a "k." LOL!!!!!

  12. @Fatimah, if have not read any of Hon Patrick's quotes, then ou also have no right in saying that he lumps words that have no business, being together. That man does his homework, and infact is knowledgeable about origin if words.

    @Ladun, truly you insulted Hon Patrick.

    Besides, this commenter might be an artiste.

  13. Patrick Obahaigbon has suffered. Levelling that correct man with this riff raff? Kai! Good that people can see that it's a mega insult.

  14. ONOME says.........................
    Those that took their valuable time to read this crass indecipherable cryptic jargons deserve my salutations;una try.......
    I got lost in the 5th sentence....
    No insult to the guy but it seems like the ramblings of one who is in lala/cuckoo land or is this a case of just bad grammatical structure??????
    Sure my 5 year old nephew can write better than this...........#sigh#

  15. Ah so inner beauty is the about the clean inner (under)wear...??? I'm getting you this guy! *super rolling eyes*

    yeah right! Nigerian number, to insinuate (just assisted you there, i want royalty) you possess an international one. #isorai


  16. @Anon 08 March, 2012 07:54, thanks, took your advice and went over some of hp's tweets and yes he can spell. lolz.
    Ginika, thanks for the enlightenment, I've actually heard hp speak and of course read pieces where he was quoted, hence, my view. Perez :-) is obviously on his way there(imo), all he needs is a bit more work on his spelling (some were obviously typos/sms speak), construction and tenses and voila, another hp in the country #Godhelpusall.

  17. If he can't spell and construct sentences in this day and age, he's lost. Too late. You are now changing your tune Fatimah.
    Leave Uncle PO alone. He's carved a niche for himself. Comparing him to this guy is an insult!

  18. Ginika, I don't know what you mean by me changing my tune. I've not recanted my previous assertions in any way. Yes, i said hp can spell after haven checked his tweets (a fact that i wasn't sure of, hence the use of the word 'probably'). It would be pure bias/hypocrisy if after haven a said something about someone and then upon getting d clearer picture, you refuse to come to that same medium to clear that person.

    Except you are referring to the fact that i said "I have heard hp speak and read pieces where he was quoted". Combining this statement with the previous one simply means that even though I've not read any of hp's writeup, I've heard him speak and I've also read pieces where he was quoted. #nocontradiction.

    I still believe they are on the same level. what are we accusing P of? Spelling errors, bad construction etc. Guess what? hp is also guilty of same.

    Going through his tweets:

    "...As soon as my assidous weeks are over" You can tell that's not how to spell assiduous, can't you?

    "If she doesn't let you infiltrate her bom bom after that line, then she is hopeless with a hint of homosexuality" bom bom is not in my dictionary and even if it was a colloq. usage, it ought to be bum bum.

    Bad construction? Is this sentence complete? "I have been assiduous" Assiduous with what? or this:
    "I have been pacifying the political nucleus of Nigerian politics to ensure that molestation of govt squandering is barricaded"

    If you understand this statement, you would see that molestation has no biz being there except hp is a supporter of govt squandering. or what's the meaning of "Perfect for I am not. So who are you to judge God's Creation synthesize on producing faults?"

    I don't have to belabour my points by reviewing his every statement/tweets. Looking back now, i really do think that the major problem of his supporters is not laziness but the fact that they don't know better!

    PS: Shock value? He is a legislator not a punk artist! What's the essence of his unnecessary verbosity when after all said and done, 99.5% of his constituency, his colleagues and a larger section of Nigerians do not understand him. Legislation is serious biz, while there are no hard and fast rules, the key thing is your message should never be lost in the art of delivering it!

  19. I found out a long time ago people usually make certain statements based on their experiences and orientation. Personally, I don't think that it is too late for P.

    Probably considering your own age or background, you think it is too late for P, as for me, as long as you are hale, healthy, alive and breathing, it is never too late to learn something new or amend the old. #Iamalivingtestimony.