Meet Another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon And He is here On Ladun Liadi’s Blog

OMG, lmao. I don’t mean to insult this guy and I won’t. But to me he is another Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon. The guy didn’t even chill at all. He even dropped his phone num. Someone needs to confirm if that line works. BTW, he left the comment on the post ‘Timaya Going The Way Of Tuface, Almost Ladies’. So the readers on this blog thinks they are the ISH, Salvatus Perez has come, please shift to the other side. *rolling off my sit*. Now click to read ‘our comment of the day’ and come back to read this, then you will know where am coming from, lol..….

gosh u guyz suck…….. A milion timez cos ah see u gat no mannerz and a deserving-praise home bringing insultin celebritiez anyhw and nt only celebritiez it is llucid to me that most of u who are busy abusing TIMAYA are megalomanic or better still in a state of being i call ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ because you can nt b in a state of total well being and start abusing people whom has not even in your ill dreamz offended you. D women trippin for Timaya, 2face, aint under SPELL, etc However i want to stipulate here to clarity that cleaniliness is in d heart. Because u might look clean in terms of ur appearance but still look HIGGLEGY-PIGGLEDY at your interior. It could b your heart, atitude, etc to further clarify my point, you myt me wearing an expensive clothe worth a mILLION naira but ur undear wears havent been washed nor changed for d past five or more dayz. Yet u are wearing a clothe worth a million naira and lookin charming and mesmerizing. Its all about INNER  BEAUTY. He is ugly,short and dirty looking? Cool. He is still making his money, just like terry G. Etc You guyz should cease insulting TIMAYA and other celebritiez nd find something MERITORIOUS to do. Wel if u feel u wanna challenge me (SALVATUS PEREZ) here is ma nigerian number +2347065591614.

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