Oshadipe Twins: Taiwo In Messy Fight With Estranged Sugar Daddy Over Car Gift— Urbanlifeng.com

Weeks after their Lagos apartment, was burgled, singing sisters, Oshadipe Twins, are in the news again. This time, it’s about the love gone sour feud between one of the petite girls, Taiwo ,and her former sugar daddy,  Captain Jide George, husband  to Reverend Dele George, of the Little Saints Orphange, Lagos.  In the entertainment industry, it’s a common knowledge that dark Captain, is the financier and godfather of the Twins,he dotes them,like his own children. He is helped them achieve the little success; they have been able to record lately. If you may recall the music  enthusiast, was instrumental to the success of their last album,’Destiny  Calling’ ,held Eko Hotel, last year. That day, he dipped his hands into his pocket and vast contact to make the day a grand one. Click to continue reading 

Those in the know declared, he bought two cute KIA cars, the girl drives around Lagos, also recently pampared, Taiwo, with a new KIA Elantra, on her last birthday. Urbanlifeng.com, was reliably informed, that what was shrouded in secrecy, was the hot romance between Taiwo and Capt George.All along,she was his  mistress. We were further informed that the lid blew opened recently, the years philandering yielded, the expected fruit of pregnancy. Taiwo allegedly took in, for Capt. George,and her wish of becoming a step mother Temitayo of the Idols fame, were coming near fruition. Realizing the mess, he was heading for, the miffed Captain, dashed her hope and cajoled her to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Immediately, after she succumbed, and the pain of flushing out the embryo was over.Urbanlifeng.com, gathered that Capt George started withdrawing from her. ‘All the spoils, stopped for the girls,  when, he made the attempt to retrieve the new car, Taiwo became mad at him and threatened to wreck his family by revealing everything that transpired between them to his wife, Reverend Dele George’, the source quipped, corroborating,  the saying, ’hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned’. We hear, the Captain has since aborted that idea and has kept his distance from her. Although, as at press time the Taiwo, didn’t respond to our enquiry, however,

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