Truth About Toni Payne And 9ice @ Sunday Concert?

So I was not at 9ice concert on Sunday, but some tatafos revealed all the drama’s that went down there. Well that’s not really my business, but the one on so many people’s lips is the gist about 9ice and Toni Payne. Some said Toni didn’t fulfil many of what she promised her twitter followers she will be doing at the concert. They also said 9ice ignored her all through the concert and the only attention she got was when 9ice came to take his son, Zion on stage who was at the time sitting on his mom’s laps. And even though Toni tried to kiss him, he stylishly ignored her.
Another thing they said was that, Toni craved badly for 9ice’s attention, that when a particular guy went on stage to spray almost N200, 000 on 9ice, Toni was heard shouting, ‘a jo ma na owo ye ni’, meaning we will spend the money together. Please if you ask Ladun, is that necessary? No! All in all Toni had fun, and I commend her for going even after all the twitter bashing and comments she got. Finally, another wingless bird, who was there, told me point blank that the couple were only playing games, as 9ice was happy to have Toni around and often touched her check whenever he passed by her. Please who was there, can we get the download? Yes I love tatafo…….. lol. And for heaven’s sake, when will the pictures come online, didn’t we have photographers at the concert?

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