1976AD Writes D’banj Again, Calls His Camp A Liar


You see this is getting scruffier. Remember the letter 1976AD.Com wrote D’banj? And I’m sure you also read what his PR lady said about the whole issue. 1976AD.Com won’t accept that, and they are also asking us not to. Click to read the letter which again will shake D’banj’s camp.

Dear D’Banj
I’m very glad you’ve listened to our advice about your Twitter name(s) and thrown out the Country Music persona ‘Daniel Banjo’ while reverting to the names every knows (and loves) ‘D’Banj Kokomaster’.
It’s a great move, trust me. However, if the statement released by your PR agent, Vanessa Amadi is indicative of the way the people you surround yourself with think and operate, I think your career may be in more trouble than you think.
A simple tweet from you along the lines of:
‘Guys, I was just fooling around with my Twitter name, I’m still 100% Naija; Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo’
Or ‘I’m still Dapo, ‘Daniel Banjo’ was just put there for fun’  or even ‘Daniel Banjo is my country music alter ego, free me jo’  or some other self-effacing statement would have done tremendous wonders for your PR, killed the ‘Danny (or is it Daniel) Banjo’ issue and endeared you greatly to your loving public.
Endearment you dearly need after your disastrous Sahara TV interview, the one in which you were ambushed into talking politics, and your Ebony Magazine misquote where you were alleged to have stated you own Mo’ Hits.
However, instead of using this opportunity to come back stronger,  you had the Daily Times of Nigeria your PR lady, Vanessa Amadi put out the following press release:
Over the past few weeks Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’Banj has experienced a series of vicious hacks on several of his social networking sites including his Facebook page and more recently, his Twitter of which his account name was wrongfully changed.
 Unfortunately the hackers managed to carry out a number of hurtful, damaging activities directly aimed to deceive D’Banj’s fans with false information.
With the help of the security teams at both Twitter and Facebook, we have managed to regain full control of the said sites which are currently being operated personally by D’Banj.
Fans can continue to interact with D’Banj at his official Twitter handle @IamDbanj and his official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DBanj. Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is known and celebrated worldwide for his originality and distinctive sound and is committed to staying true to that foundation.
D’Banj apologies for any inconvenience caused by the hacking and thanks his beloved fans for their continued support.
Mr. Entertainer, this is 2012 and you’re dealing with a sophisticated domestic and international audience, people who know the workings of technology , the fundamental ins and outs of Twitter, and can detect BS from a mile away.
The claim made by her that your name was changed to ‘Daniel Banjo’ by someone who hacked into your twitter account is an affront to the intelligence of your fans (and neutral observers) everywhere, and just adds to the allusion that you’re a vapid individual, something you and I both know is very far from the truth.
A simple dose of common sense would indicate that even though Twitter is NOT impossible to hack, hacking it requires more effort and energy than most would be willing to put in, if all they are getting out of it is the mundane.
Let’s assume her statement was true, and your account was indeed hacked, after the hacker(s) did their worst, all that showed up was a name change, a  profile label affiliation change that actually reflects your current label status, a profile picture change substituting the old picture with one never seen before on the internet, and 7 messages, one of which is a goodwill message to fans on Easter, the other 6 a mixture of re-tweets and replies. Work of a hacker? Negative.
Plus the guys at our sister site, TechAmbrosia.com got in touch with their Twitter HQ contacts, and even though it was off the record, it was confirmed that no report has been received about the @iAmDBanj account being hacked.
Bottom line, if you’re going to be taken seriously as the world class entertainer which you are , I suggest you surround yourself with the right people in all aspects of your business, and not just music making ala Kanye West. In your corner you need people who can take your career to the next level and not just people who take your money before proceeding to send you up shit creek without a paddle.
‘Nuff Said & as usual, Deuces.

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