How Nigerian Men Go For S*x In Beauty Spas


This piece is not written to create an impression that every man who visits Beauty Spas goes there to have his libidinous thirst quenched but with an intention to bring to the fore what is gradually assuming a phenomenal dimension in the world of Nigerian men. It is now a fad of some sorts among Island big boys to regularly visit these spas to get in luscious measures what they called ‘Happy Ending’. This is how it plays out for those experienced men who have become veterans in the game. Chances are that you have heard the story: an unmarked door leads to a dimly-lit massage parlor where women with strong hands and tolerant smiles await a train of lecherous male patrons. Click to read more…

After a rigorous day, it would not be out of place for these big boys to inform their wives about their intention to get their bodies massaged, we have since learnt that some of the of satanically beautiful girls at most these spas simply educate their ‘clients’ about ‘happy ending’ trip, an exercise that ensures that the ‘clients’ release some ‘soaked up tension’ in form of penile discharge. Other terminologies used in ‘happy ending’ include but not limited to ‘blowjob’, ‘come’ and others. Others go as far as having carnal knowledge of the girls inside the dark massage room. Little wonder men are now fond of saying their going for ‘happy ending’ at top beauty spas on the island, Lagos The ‘happy ending’ tale is a reality. So wives, you do not need to raise an eyebrow when your husband tells you he is going for body massage in a spa after a hard day work in office; all you need do is to ask him which of the spas and head straight to the point.

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