Who would you rather be? Karen, Tonto or Goldie


I know the girls by now will be saying, why is this ‘girl’(ladun) putting us up again, lol. Forgive me; you ladies are having fun, so let’s share out of your fun. Whose personality will you ‘wear’ this minute if you are asked too?
NB sorry legends, need to drop this for our new legends. You need not complain about the way I write; you just need to bear with me. I won’t do the normal blog thing, biko, mba, lol. We can’t all go the same way you know. Yes, I need to get serious when blogging, but then this is me. Why should we get too serious when we can play around with words?  Please just manage me, manage the blog, Ese, Dalu, Nagode, Thank you…. Plus, if not for all of you, and I mean all of you, the ones that love us and those that hate us, where will this blog be, 0/10. We pray we please everyone soon….much love muahhhh

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