Mystery Crocodile Terrorises Residents In Lagos


Residents of Joshua Okeowo and Bepo communities in Ikotun/Ejigbo area of Lagos have raised an alarm over the presence of a mystery crocodile in the area. According to them, the reptile has lived there for about 15years. They are really scared now, because it’s raining season and the reptile has started coming out to see activities. Anyway, they are asking the Government to please come to their aide and do something fast about it. The commissioner for environment has already responded to them and something will be done about it soon. Meanwhile read what the residents have to say about the Crocodile;

“Honestly, we are tired of this crocodile. It has been around for some time and comes out from God-knows-where during the rainy season into the flooded streets to attack us.”
“A number of residents had been attacked and seriously wounded by this animal. Only a fortnight ago, it was spotted swimming toward a school boy playing in the flood. “If not that some adult residents rushed to the scene and rescued the boy, it would have been a different story. Honestly we are tired,” said a resident, Mr Alabi Rabiu.
Another resident, Babatunde Alabi, said the crocodile had made the residents to live in perpetual fear. According to him, the reptile has chosen a permanent habitat in an uncompleted building in the area, making it difficult for residents to move freely.
Pointing at the abandoned building sitting on a swamp, he said, “That is where it lives, everybody knows but nobody dares goes there. “Some people have made attempts to get rid of it without success. The animal is feared by everyone.
It is real. It is so big that I got confused if it was actually a reptile. It would swim back and forth and make a scary noise. “I could not watch it for too long. I was scared. I have never seen or heard anything like this. It just looked scary,” another resident said.

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