Friday, April 6, 2012

Passenger Steals On Arik Flight

A business class, on any airline, is reserved for wealthy and decent people, but a passenger on Arik Air flight, yesterday, was accused of stealing N200,000 from another passenger shortly after take-off.
Sources said that immediately the aircraft took off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and attained cruising altitude, the passenger stood up and pretended to be looking for missing items in the overhead cabin, but his hand reached for a co-passenger’s bag and he removed N200,000 and hid in his pocket.

But another passenger who monitored the theft alerted a cabin crew and the business class thief was arrested and handed over to the police after landing at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
Although the identity of the suspect has not been disclosed, sources said that the passenger sat on seat 3C on Arik Air flight W3 162 ABV-LO.
The Director of Security at the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, Sir Wendel Ogunedo, confirmed the incident.
He said the matter has been handed over to the police.
Air fares more than doubled last year in Nigeria with many passengers unable to afford them.
Flight capacity on business class has even dwindled further with fewer people still patronising it.
Business class is distinguished from other travel classes by the quality of seating, food, drinks, ground service and other amenities.
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  1. I am sure that isn't the first time the Business Class Thief stole mid-flight. Abeg my peoples, watch your bags and belongings oh! I don't even let my guard down on BA, how much more Arik! I never keep money or valuables in the overhead bin; I always keep them on my body or in a small bag under the seat in front of me.

  2. It's not today he started doing it.

  3. He probably stole the ticket too

  4. @ me so again yeah he probably did....btw this is the type of scenario the Central Bank wants to minimise with cashless lagos...

  5. That's what happens in Naija
    Most people are tryin to keep up with the joneses
    I know plenty ppl that pay for first class just to mingle with the rich and catch a mugu
    What gives
    The guy is as fake as all the Lagos big girls and boys around that carry knock off designer goods

  6. Abeg Ladun, make you try fish out the name oh. This na real hot gist. If possible, the picture too

  7. Everyday for the thief one day for d owner

  8. barawo,oleeeeeeee,onyioshi,anini

  9. This is the worse airline on this planet. Very unprofessional and useless workers. Especially the old fool that seats in the airport booth in Benin that's suppose to price weighed luggage. Not going to go into detail but I keep saying poor customer service is why a lot of people don't grow in that country. Mtcheewwww useless people. I hope more people steals on this airline and they close down. Bunch of fools

  10. @Anon 06 April, 2012 19:45, u don vex?

  11. Arik Air should make some necessary changes other wise they will lost their worth in the market Flights To Nigeria