South-South Governor Who Has Penchant for Dating Married Women

One of the South-South state governors has been tagged a wreck less lover of anything in skirt.
Chocolate skinned man with a medical background, this governor, we scooped, has slept with the better part of the women in his cabinet.
Don’t bother about their marital status because we gathered that the man has penchant for married women, many of who he lure with juicy contracts.
In his cabinet alone, he is alleged to have bed most of them including one of the former top female staffers of the defunct Equatorial Trust Bank.
A smooth operator, this governor is not handsome in his looks but what he lacks in his physical appearance, he compliments with his deep pocket and he does not think twice if it involves lavishing money, brand new cars and foreign trips on these daughters of Eve.
His Director of Protocols has been described as the man’s pimp and can arrange any woman married or single, as long as, it is to satisfy his boss insatiable appetite for sex. His Personal Assistant also does the job of the protocol officer sometimes.
A frequent visitor of the prestigious Eko Hotel in Lagos and Transcorp in Abuja where he use as havens to satisfy his libido, this stoutly built governor who prefers to rule his state from Lagos and Abuja has made many married women richer than their husbands through bogus contracts even though, it will be difficult for them to explain to their husbands how they come about it.
Though, he is enjoying his second term in office, many who have benefitted from him pray he does not end up like his former boss who is not proud of his current status.

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