What Denrele Edun Wants In A Wife


 OMG Denrele already spoke about the kind of woman he wants in his life. Let’s see if I fit in, lol. Watch me get naughty. But seriously, I need to reply this on our behalf. You just can’t come up with a list and expect the girls to fold their arms, no way! So am replying this, let’s see who wins. The next line you see after every sentence of Denrele is mine, lol. Oya click to read…..

1.“She has just got to have a flat tummy.”

yea yea sure
2.“She has just got to have long legs.”
That means I must be tall. Hmm ok
3.“She has just got to have a slim figure.”
Most def
4.“I need a woman who will like me for who I am: a weirdo.”
5.“I need a woman who will not try to change me because she will never succeed.”
Oh well…
6.“She must be neat.”
7.“She must be the type that wears clean underwear.”
Who doesn’t wear clean underwear
8. “She must be ready to wear high-heeled shoes all the time like me.”
Aww that’s me you talking about. lol
9.“The woman I will say, “Yes I do” to must not be afraid to flaunt her sexuality.”
Well I am straight. Is that okay?
10.“I mean, if a man doesn’t look at my lady, there is something wrong somewhere.”
Yes o, something must be wrong somewhere. Don’t worry I am a head tuner.
11.“So, she must be a head turner.”
I am one already.
12. ‘’She must be able to cook because I like good food’’.
Oh cook. Yes I can cook but not like 3times a day. No way, we need to work.
13. “Importantly, the lady that I will give the wedding ring should have a wild streak because I wake up every morning with a loud shout.”
 No I wake up every morning to loud music. That should serve as my shout really?
14. “I expect my ideal woman to do the same.”
Yea you got the music.
15. ‘’I like my woman to have a reading habit.”
Reading habit? Not anymore, may be my blog will serve as that. Lol
16. “She must be in love with books.”
Aww books, I already told you my BLOG
17. “She should be able to talk because I am a chatterbox.”
Oh Geez
18. “She must…”
19.“I expect…”
20.“I need…”
Yes, say what you need!!!!
21.“I demand…”
 I don’t get you oooo

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