Monday, June 11, 2012

ACT NOW Group Wants The Complete Overhaul of Nigeria's Aviation Industry

Hi Ladun

You are a woman with a voice that God has given i believe to make a positive impact in your community. We know you abhor needless deaths and we know you are passionate about Nigeria and wish for her to be Great. To continue reading and to sign a petition please click read more..

We all know about the Dana Crash that took place on 3rd June 2012. This brings it to a total of 41 air disasters in 43years. Almost averaging 1 air disaster per year. This is totally unacceptable as it directly involves human lives. This coupled with unpaved runways, fuel contamination, importation of old planes, irregular maintenance, erratic power supply,inexistent/lethargic airport emergency response is just screaming for a total overhaul.

We are totally aware that the industry is what it is today because of corruption which is deep rooted in every sector of our society. Nothing seems to work. We cannot tackle all problems at once but can take them one at a time and we believe this is to big to ignore. Hence we started with this. We also believe that if this sector begins to work, it will pave the way for more sectors to work and rid themselves of corruption. It will encourage Nigerians to demand for sectors to work as this is their RIGHT not a privilege as politicians make us believe.

We are tired of Nigerians dying needless deaths on account of mediocrity and corruption. All we ask is for sincere well meaning Nigerians from all around the globe to sign this. By God's grace we will take it from there. If we remain complacent and pretend to be helpless, things will continue the way they are and we cannot blame anyone.

If for nothing else, but for the future of our children. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT for a better Nigeria. We can and will bring a POSITIVE change to Nigeria.

To sign the petition please click HERE. For post code please just put 0000.


  1. I am supporting this

  2. The Accident Inquiry this time has to be a very PUBLIC one period. All the ma go ma go of the past will not be accepted this time.

    Fani- Kayode in yesterday's papers alluded to the various manipulation, doctoring and cover ups in past crash investigations. In fact, he said the Bellview one was an intentional accident..."meaning that some people in the North wanted to eliminate someone on the plane" Can you they killed so many innocent people. That is what Nigeria has come too.

    Fani Kayode knows wat he is talking about since he was past min of Aviation.

  3. Does anyone know what happens to these petitions? In the Western world, if you get at least 100K signatures, it gets debated in parliament/houses of assembly. I've signed but hope it's not futile.
    Femi Fani-Kayode wrote very well. Thought provoking.

  4. So true Ginika

  5. Fani-Kayode wrote with much wisdom. People should defo continue to support