How I Became A S*x Slave At 14


Timaya was born Enetimi Odom in 1977 In Bayelsa state. Then it was still part of Rivers state. He was born into a family of 17 children. His mother had three girls and four boys for his father, while his father had eight other children from another wife. Amongst all of them, the little statured Timaya was the last of them all. Click to read his confession…
Though his father worked in a bank and his mother was a trader, there was little to go round the family. Though the parents tried their best, it was not an easy task raising all the children. Timaya being the last knew even as a little child that if he had to succeed, he would have to break off on his own. He left home as early as 14 years old. Without any Kobo to his name, he decided to put his own destiny into his own hands and this happened.

“When I had nowhere to stay, I had to go and live with a woman friend who turned me into a prisoner. I had to live by her rules. I could not go anywhere until she allows me to. I could never stay out until 7pm, or else I am in trouble. She was older than me by four years and I did not have a choice. Anytime I complain, she threatened to throw me out of her house. If I failed to make love to her, she would accuse me of sleeping with other ladies, and she will again threaten to throw my things out. That was when I was in Porthacourt. It was not easy for me then, but what could I do? It was when I was able to save some money to get another place that I was able to escape.”
That experience was the beginning of a new life for Timaya.
Oh well… an 18-year old girl lived alone and demanded for s*x constantly from a 14- year old? Wow I give up!

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