Monday, June 11, 2012

Real Reason I Shut Down Indulge Spa- Modupe Ozolua

Body enhancement expert, Modupe Ozolua has been off the scene for some time now. She was reported to have called it quit recently with her spa business which she opened two years ago. The mother of one child opens up on real reasons for the closure of her Indulge Spa in this interview. She also commented about her nude picture on the cover of Mania magazine. Please click read more to continue...

You have been off the scene for some time, what kept you away? 
Modupe Ozolua: I have been busy making time for myself by taking a long vacation and re-inventing my various business interests. I have been very busy conducting business meetings all over America.                                                             
For some time now, there has been news about town that you have called it quit with beauty business and that you have sold the place?     
Modupe Ozolua: That's not true; the body enhancement enterprise is still very much operational and will not be going out of business soon. For 11 years, I have done this and made success of it. I only shut down Indulge Spa last year. The spa was completely different from my other business; the building is not mine so it's not possible for me to sell it.                                                                                                                                               

What really happened that led to the closure of your spa?          
Modupe Ozolua: It was my choice to open a spa and it was my choice to shut it down. It  was my money that I invested, and when I felt I wanted  to close  it down, I told my clients about it and I went on a long overdue vacation. It's not as if I am financially distressed.

Any regret of venturing into this type of business?                          
Modupe Ozolua: No regret. Initially, I had wanted to sell the business but all the offers were not satisfactory. At the end of the day, I decided to shut it down. It’s a business I have spent a lot of money on. I realized its taking too much of my time. I brought the first aesthetic laser machine to Nigeria and introduced laser treatment. I am happy to see people following the trend and also investing in expensive machines. Many people still contact me asking for spa and laser services, I just declined, because I don't want to be pressured into it again. They ask for referrals and I have tough time referring them because of the negative feedbacks that I get. Although, I have sold my other spa equipment, I still have my laser machine. However, I am still considering other options for my laser clients but I will not personally continue offering laser treatments unless I am absolutely ready to commit all the time it requires.                                                                                                                        

When last did you do an enhancement surgery?                     
Modupe Ozolua: The services hold twice every year, April \May and Octorber \November. .                                                                                                                          
You posed half nude on the cover of Mania magazine, what informed that? 
Modupe Ozolua: The reason I did Mania is not the reason people think. Long before I became committed to it, Dimeji had approached me for an interview but we were not able to conclude anything for several years. Finally, Kelechi and I met to discuss the project based on the concept they had in mind, which was pushing the edge and creating a world class content, quality magazine worthy of comparison to Vogue. After a survey they concluded I was the only Nigeria woman who could deliver on what they wanted, a fearless edition. I guess they were right because my hectic schedule and their preparations almost took one year from the time we met to when we finally did the photo shoot. Why did I agree to do it? First, I loved the concept but most especially for me, it was a celebration of my life. Not too long before they approached me with the request to do the cover for the maiden edition of Mania, I had just regained full use of legs. Late 2009, I had a fall that affect my right leg.
Shortly after that, I had a freak accident that left me with broken bones in my leg and a damage left knee. From being able to walk, run and function normally, I found myself in a POP nearly crippled, able to move only either with crutches or pushed on a wheelchair. The next thing I knew, I was having extensive orthopaedic surgery on my bones and knee in India. I was bedridden for one month with wires in my bones and finally had to learn how to walk all over again. I went through the tedious stage of learning how to stand wearing a special shoe support to help while the muscles in my leg healed, and using crutches. Then, I went on to wearing the shoes and a walking stick. Eventually, I graduated to wearing the just the shoes and finally being able to walk without it. It was a very trying and strengthening time for me, but I was never alone because I had my God, loved ones and my church with me all the way. I was still learning how to walk again when I was approached for the Mania photo shoot. At the time we did the shoot, I had regained full use of my legs and it was one year to the day I sustained the injuries.  Of course, I agree to do it. It was my way of celebrating God's continuous faithfulness to me. My limbs are fully restored, my life has been spared by His Grace and I wanted the world to know that. Just as art is a personal interpretation, so is thanksgiving. I simply combined both and gave you Mania.                                                                                                                                       
What are plans for 2012?                    
Modupe Ozol1ua: Nothing but great, fabulous things.                                                   

What do you do to remain ever beautiful?   
Modupe Ozolua: I take good care of myself, I exercise daily. I have started drinking more water and I eat well. It's so funny that people are always suspicious of my look. There are some that saw me after a long time and ask me,"Ok, Modupe what do you do to look younger?"  My response is usually,” Nothing! How about I got some rest?"  Simply because I informed the world that I had cosmetic surgery 12 years ago doesn't mean I transform my body every day. How about I also have some good genes working for me? Bottom line is when you continuously push your body without getting adequate rest, you will physically age prematurely. I work hard and I make time to pamper myself.

Interview by BOLA AKINBOADE.


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    Modupe Ozolua: It was my choice to open a spa and it was my choice to shut it down. It was my money that I invested, and when I felt I wanted to close it down, I told my clients about it and I went on a long overdue vacation. It's not as if I am financially distressed."

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