How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Knowing the Power of God


First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that read the first piece on this blog. For those that said they were touched, God bless you. For those that encouraged me I say thank you. Today again, we shall be talking about the words of the Lord, but this time around in a way that it would help us. In a way, that our prayers will be quickly answered and in a way that the devil would be lost when we speak to our Father (God). Because the only language the devil does not understand is ‘speaking in tongues’. Isn’t it wonderful when we can speak to our Father without the devil knowing what we are about to say to him? Please click read more to continue…

Not to talk of looking for a way of blocking our prayers before it gets to God. That’s why every believer must pray for this anointing to fall on them. My prayer is that, before you finish reading this today, in as much as you believe, the Lord will visit you and baptize you with the Holy Spirit. It is the best feeling ever. When you speak in tongues, it shows the Holy Spirit is with you. And when the Holy Spirit is with you, you do the extra ordinary. You don’t fall sick and everything works in place for you. You lay your hands on the sick and they receive their instance healings, you cast out demons, you walk majestically anywhere because you know that greater His He who is in you, than he that is in the world.
Firstly, You have to be born again. John 3:3. Acts 3:19
Brethren, if you are not born again, there is no way you can be baptized by the Holy Spirit. You see the Holy Spirit can’t get into an unholy body. You have to surrender all to God. To be honest, that is the first step you need to take. Without this step, every other step will be useless to you. It is better you don’t even continue reading, because to share from this blessings and to receive the grace of ‘speaking in tongues’ you must be BORN AGAIN. You see, when they say give your life to Christ, it is for your own good and not the pastor’s, but yours my sister and brother. The Lord has made heaven already, he is already there. He created it. It is you and I who are left to be there, and that is why we must be born again to get there. I pray the Lord will give us the grace even to do according to what the Holy Spirit is ministering to us right now, Amen.
Secondly, Be desirous and thirsty for the baptism of the Holy Ghost
God won’t force you to be thirsty for him. Many are called but few are chosen. It is left for you to desire and be thirsty to be part of the few who the Lord has chosen. If only you know the benefits of getting baptized by the Holy Spirit, you will be the first to go on your knees and ask him to baptise you with His Spirit. One of the good things of having the Holy Spirit (fire) in you is that, you will become a terror to your enemies. You used to run from witches and wizards; you can’t stay alone in dark places because you are scared. What you need his fire of God. Once witches and wizards see this, they will run, they can’t wait because they know they will be consumed by the fire of God in you. This used to happen to me. I was always scared, anywhere I turn to, I get scared. Nepa must not take off the light at night, am screaming and running to my brothers before the Gen gets on. But when I gave my life to Christ, I was determined. The day I got baptised in water, I said to myself, NO I won’t return home this way, I must receive the Holy Spirit (the fire of God). The minister in charge said to us, you have being baptised in water, which is the physical one. We can’t force the Holy Spirit upon you; your faith will determine that. We looked at ourselves, and someone said, well the first time her friend got baptized in water wasn’t the first day she spoke in tongues, it took her a while. I said to myself, no way. I am getting my fire today and right in this hall. We started the prayers, they asked us to call on God to send down His fire like he did on the day of Pentecost, we did and the fire fell, to those of us who were waiting to receive it, we did and that was it. Brethren, ever since that day, I have refused to be scared, I was more than a conquer. The spirit of fear left me, because it couldn’t wait. It was of the devil. The Holy Spirit was already in me, how can the devil wait, he ran, he was consumed by fire. I can sleep alone in the house with nobody there and nothing would happen to me, I know I am saved. There’s this thing that just gives me confidence that I am untouchable, so sometimes when they take the light I will purposely not hurry up my brothers to on the Gen, I just want to enjoy the darkness for a while, and wait if the devil will come and torment me, he dares not. Till today, I fear no devil; neither do I fear any man. As a matter of fact, the only person I fear is GOD and that is what most of us should do. Why fear a man? Who is that man that is more than our God, who lives in heaven and makes the earth his footstool? Who is like Him that can command the stones to start praising him, and even the birds making sweet music to him. You need to have the Holy Spirit to be able to receive this fire.
Lastly, Ask Him and He will answer. ‘For everyone that asketh receiveth’. Luke 11:10.
You need to open your mouth and ask God for this fire. When you ask Him you will receive it. I really don’t want to go more into this. Just close your eyes and tell him Father I am sorry forgive me. I have made up my mind to serve you. I know I have wronged you and neither have I done your will. Let the blood of Jesus wash away all my sins, forgive me Lord. Come into my life and let your fire fall upon me. And watch him do the impossibility.
Let me give you a quick story, so that we end it that way. I can’t be saying stories I don’t know. So I will just give you few examples from mine, as that’s the most truthful experience. To be honest, I hate putting my personal life in public, most of you know me to be just one blogger, at least a human being, so if I say one or two things that has happened to me, may be some of you reading this, might use it to compare your own situation and know you can also overcome. That is the only reason that will make me say this, or even more some other time.
Now just imagine this, I used to see a dead spirit. It usually appears to me as one tall man, mostly during the day in the living room. Whenever he appeared, I would scream ‘the blood of Jesus’ and would start speaking in tongues and he will disappear. I couldn’t tell my mum, if I should tell my granny, she would term it as something else and might want to force me to do against the will of God, by asking us to visit one ‘baba’ if you know what I mean. It keeps happening like that, asin day light o, not even at night. I was always worried and scared and one day he came again and I confronted him. Meanwhile I have never seen his face even though he usually looks my way. So on that day I took up the courage and asked him, ‘did I kill you’, he still stood watching, then I started speaking in tongues, I cried furiously till I didn’t know what I was saying again in the spirit, that was how he never came back. Do you know before then, I was already praying that God should please forgive me if there was a way I had a hand in his death, but then, I was much younger, I just left secondary school, so how would I have killed a man. But I still prayed and the Lord delivered me. In fact, His fire did a lot in my life. My prayer is that, as many of you reading this, and you are being tormented by the kingdom of darkness, the Lord that saved me will save you this morning. He will deliver you. Even for those who brought the plight upon themselves in one way or the other, may be because you have joined a group or belong to another realm in the kingdom of darkness, but you are willing to surrender this morning, YOU SHALL BE DELIVERED. He is the only one who can deliver you. If I had told my mum, she would have told her own mother, and the next day we would have landed in Ota her home town. But do you know he might still be tormenting me till today? You can’t use darkness to quench darkness. The kingdom of darkness itself is divided. You can only use the light (Jesus) and when light comes in, what happens, darkness will disappear. I say again, every darkness left in your life this morning, the light (Jesus), will shine upon it and it will be a thing of the past. We shall all be totally delivered.
If you are a witch or wizard or you belong to any other demonic group that we don’t even know its name, you see you have no tomorrow. The only place you have is called HELL FIRE where you will cry and live in pains forever. You can’t even touch the ‘common’ physical fire we have here on earth, how much more the ‘painful fire’ of God, which He has built for people like you. I plead with you this morning; I sincerely plead with you, please repent and give your life to Christ. This message might just be for you. Loose that girl, loose that boy that you have tied his/her destiny somewhere, loose that sister that you have said over your dead body will she ever get married. Loose them now. Confess your sins to God and surrender all. Don’t worry about your other group members who might come to fight you for leaving their group. You are now in the winning camp. The Lord is the Mighty Man in battle; no one fights against Him and wins. Let them come, the battle is not yours but the Lord’s. Find a Bible believing church near you and confide in the Pastor of the church, he will direct you more on what to do. They are good people, and your secrets will be kept forever. God bless you, even as you make up your mind to become one of us. HALLELUYAH

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