IVY School Teacher Dis-virgins 3Year Old Girl With Pencil


As you read this, a  popular   private nursery and primary school, IVY school, located at Isheri, Ojodu Berger is battling with a child abuse case. And the case being still investigated by the state CID, M.A.K Smith Street, Panti, Yaba, borders on what has been tagged sexual assault by penetration on a 3yr old pupil (name withheld) by her class teacher, Miss Oruma Patience.  
According to a petition written by the mother of the little girl, Mrs Zainab Rodemade and addressed to the deputy commissioner of police, state CID, a copy of which was made available city people. The whole saga began when the girl returned from school on a Thursday afternoon.Continue to read more…On 21th june,2012, my daughter returned from school as usual and I decided to bath her at about 8.20p.m I noticed she cried  when I was about washing her private part pointing finger private part which arose my interest to find out why. The petition read in part: And they stated further that it was their daughter who explained her aunt favour inserted pencil into her private part in their school toilet and also asked her to demonstrate how her aunt did it which she did. The disturbed mu further stated in her petition, I took it upon myself to report to the head teacher of the school the next day 22nd June 2012. The head teacher called the said aunt favour and 2 other female teachers for my daughter to identify the person who used pencil on her private part surprisingly she still pointed to the same aunt favour.                                                                                                                              
My husband and I decided to report the case to the police at Isheri police station where we were given a letter to go to the general hospital, Ikeja. We were reliably informed that my daughter has been defiled already as a result of that pencil the aunt used on her. I am highly disturbed and devastated as a mother when IPO in charge of the case and his boss informed me on 27th June 2012 that we should settle the case that they cannot go further again. This was to our greatest surprise. The petition ended on a pleading note to the deputy commissioner of police. Sir on this note, I will be glad if you can use your good office to call for this case and discreetly probe into it so as to serve as deterrent to other teachers and other out there because I learnt the menace is a common practice in this very school which could be stopped forthwith as many babies have lost their virginity through this means in the same school for spiritual purpose.     
A copy of the medical report from Lagos state university teaching hospital Ikeja, confirmed that the little girl had been defiled was also made available to us. Meanwhile ,there was an interesting part angle to the story when the father of the allegedly assaulted baby, Alhaji Rodemade, recounted to city people that he was not around when the incident happened and on his return  from far away Ekiti state where he had gone for his business, he took it upon himself to the root of the matter. And in so doing, he went to the school and asked to see the class teacher that molested his daughter, and the head teacher, Mr Sunmola whom he approached pointedly told him that the teacher was not in the school. But out of rage, he grabbed the 2 teachers standing close tightly by their clothes that he won’t leave them alone until they produce the wanted teacher. Alhaji Rodemade added that was the time they went to fetch the wanted teacher who was hiding behind the school. And he concluded that the school might be a party to the crime which is the only possible reason they were shielding the culprit from him.                                
The husband to the proprietress of the school, Mr Olaiya, had earlier approached in person at the Isheri Police station where the case was before it was transferred to Panti that he should let them settle the case between them and that he(the husband to the proprietress) was willing to give him any amount he wanted which he blatantly rebuffed.                                                                                                                                 
And on the Saturday, that followed the Friday on which he went to demand to see the teacher the teacher that molested his daughter, a detachment of police  from CID came banging at his gate early in the morning and on enquiry, he was told they wanted to arrest him for a reported case of harassment  at ivy nursery and primary school with thugs which came to him as a strange accusation since he went to the school alone out of rage as a concerned father.                                                                                              
He said he made some calls to some people who advised him to follow the policemen and on getting to their station, they deliberately took him round to see how criminals were being tortured inhumanly, apparently to scare him into dropping the case he was fighting against the school.                                            
He further stated that they never knew he is not a small fry like they thought and after making a call to a top rank police officer who spoke with the DOP at the police station, he was asked to go home after writing his statement. A ritual angle was suspected about the matter given a high degree of credence because the little girl also recounted the blood that came out of her private part was dabbed with a white cloth by the teacher. And since the owners of the school were doing everything to kill the matter instead of exposing and making the teacher face the music, the teacher might just be their agent with the mission to get blood of virgin girls for ritual purposes.                                                                                                      
When we visited state CID at Panti on Monday, July 2nd, it was confirmed that the case had been instituted at the station and also witnessed interrogation by the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the parties involved in the case at his office which was discreetly observed by this reporter. The parties include the father and mother of the assaulted girl, the girl herself the suspect, Miss Oruma Patience, the school head teacher, Mr Sunmola, the husband to the proprietress, Mr Olaiya, and the lawyer, Bar. Emeka okumah, and few other plain cloth police officers.                                                                                      
The proprietress of the school Mrs Olaiya was conspicuously absent. And during the interrogation the same scenario of the little girl pointing to the petite and fear –stricken teacher as the one that merced through her private part with a pencil. The teacher denied allegations, in spite of all the indicators to the contrary. As at the time of filing this report, police were still carrying out further investigation into the matter.
Source: City People

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