JUST IN: Who Is A ‘Big Girl’?


My dear Ladun
I love love love your blog.
Please help me publish this as Anon. I don’t want my details disclosed.
Thanks. Oya click to read… plus i can’t wait to know the real meaning of a big girl too…
 Dear LLBers
I am a successful single girl in my mid thirties and I live in Los Angeles California. I am currently in Lagos Nigeria on business, I import container load of items for sale in Nigeria. Being a single girl who’s still on the shelf everyone around me is looking out for me so that I get picked before my expiry date.
 My good friend who is married in Atlanta called me whilst I was in Nigeria, that she wanted to hook me up with some guy in Lagos. I was excited, she said the guy was divorced with kids but looking to start afresh, and I didn’t mind. She did the intro and the next thing my phone was ringing.
The guy was born and breed Lagosian MD of a non-bank Financial Institution. He called, we chit chatted and he said he was about to get into his car and so we had to round up quickly as he did not like to talk in the car with his driver listening (that was a red flag for me). He said he wanted to see me immediately, I was a bit reluctant but he insisted and wanted to know where I was. I told him I was staying in a hotel in Lekki and gave him the details and he made his way.
He came I met him at the reception and we went to the bar. I told him I was on my way out but had to wait to see him, we talked but he seemed to ask a lot of questions like: How did I get money to go into my business, why am I staying in a hotel and then the one I need your help with is, he asked if I was “A Big Girl” ie “Are you a Big Girl?”. He left after about 15mins and I never heard from him again.
 Please can someone tell me what “A big girl is”??? 
 Lots of Love
 One of you!

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