May7Ven Nigeria’s Nicki Minaj


Hot hot May7Ven debuts in these new hot photos. Let’s just give it up, May7Ven is trying so hard to make herself heard music wise and she’s not even slacking when it comes to ‘craze’ in the industry. Babe in case you are reading this, (I know they will tell you, so you will), guess what? You just found a new publicist. Go and ask Dencia, and if she denies it, LL Readers won’t (lol), plus this other twins, ‘the red hair’ girls, we kept talking about them until we pushed them to a level. Controversy or not, level na level, lol.
 They don’t want to know you abi? Lai lai I will so show them your face till they tire,lol. But for real let’s give it to our very own Nicki Minaj, May7Ven, E no easy O.

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