What Your Pastor And Kim Kardashian Have In Common- By Sheifunmi


If you were raised anything like myself, then I’m sure you were introduced to The Church, and The Bible, at a very young age. At The Church we learned about all those great lessons The Bible taught us: Don’t kill, steal, gamble, engage in premarital sex, you BET NOT be a homosexual, and most importantly, pay your tithes (10% of your income, but usually more depending on how many offerings your church has). If you commit any of these very severe sins (some worst then others, apparently) you go to hell. What you have to do next is use your get out of jail free card also known as repent, and ask for forgiveness. God will forgive you, because he’s a loving God, and you’re allowed back into the pearly gates of Heaven. Easy right? Unless you do it again. And you WILL do it again (because you’re human). This is where the endless cycle begins. You go to church, you pay your tithes, and praise God because he has been so good to you, and repent for being human. Rinse and Repeat. The teacher of all these great lessons is The Pastor. A man ordained by God himself. Click to continue reading.

He’s also the man that reaps the benefits of your tithes. He’s the go to guy when things get rough and you need guidance. Not to be confused with a professional counsellor or life coach. He makes more money than them. The better the preacher, the larger the congregation. The larger the congregation, the larger the Church. The larger the church, the more offerings you have. The more offerings you have, the more lavish that man ordained by God lives. And not just on Sundays.
Yet, for some reason, folks have a problem with Pastors that live these fabulous lives. For one, they were ordained by God. So if you have a problem with that you need to take that up with Jesus. Secondly, they didn’t make this money themselves. The congregation GIVES him the money. So what is this Pastor to do with all this money after he’s already supplied you with the huge mega church, the church gym, the church swimming pool, the church day car center, the church bus, the STAFF, and the private jet that he needs to fly all over the world to preach the word to all the other lost souls? Is he not supposed to enjoy your pay check? Again, you should take that up with Jesus. Pastor Joel Olsten said in an interview with Oprah “God wants you to be rich.” And if you’d seen the size of the house he lived in, you’d believe him.
Then we have America’s favorite reality star Kim Kardashian. The Armenian beauty was first introduced to the world through a sex tape (by some guy related to that girl with the braids that used to play in Moesha). But unlike many before her who have released sex tapes, America kept watching her. What started with a reality show about her family grew into a multi-million dollar brand and house hold name. Now she’s the highest paid reality star in the world. Keeping up with the Kardashians is in its 7th season (which is longer than most sit-coms these days) and that’s not even counting all of the spin off shows. Even after her 72 day marriage, she’s still bringing in the ratings. America can’t keep their eyes off of this girl. For what? Because she’s pretty? YES! BECAUSE SHE’S PRETTY. Kim Kardashian made 18 million last year for walking around looking absolutely flawless. Because she’s beautiful, people linger on her every move, follow every person she dates, and watch every show with her last name. How vile, disgusting, and…. genius is that? It’s all because America is invested in a pretty face. If nobody cared about her, she wouldn’t be successful. So again, who should we be mad at? Her? Or ourselves for the fact that we’re so shallow we let this woman with no talent what so ever get to where she is today just because of how she looks.
I could argue to the end of time why Kim Kardashian’s marriage was real, but it would be pointless. Just like Christians will fight me like David fought Goliath to prove that their Pastor is genuine in his work for the Lord and not just doing it for money. But the fact of the matter is; we’ll never know. So when angered by these people’s success why is it directed at them? Why not be angry at who’s making them successful? The Pastor can’t buy a Rolls Royce if YOU’RE not contributing enough money for him to pay for it. Kim Kardashian can’t be famous if you’re not watching her reality show, following her twitter and instagram, and commenting on every man she’s dating. By simply bitching about Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian is staying relevant.
I’m not here to knock anyone’s grind or hustle. And you shouldn’t be either. If people can capitalize off other other’s ignorance, beliefs, or shallowness….I don’t see the problem. Being a Pastor in this day and age seems to be a very lucrative career. The fact that a man can profit off of the faith Christian’s invest in the bible is just brilliant. And you know who else is brilliant? Kris Jenner.

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