A Fan Wants You to Know


Hello ladun am not really a fan of ur blog but some months bk i saw ur fellow fans commenting on a very special person dear to me sarah ofili. I am not a friend of sarah personally but i always tweet her and write to her for advice on beauty products n life in generally. and she always replies! she’s such a nice polite person, no matter wat anyone says about her shes always very sweet. I saw u and ur fellow commenters talking about her body, sarah has d baddest body among d nig celeb females hands down! all these up coming mixed bbz wanna be her, copying her blonde hair n co. I got these pics from her fb page. she was on a beach holiday with her fam last wkend, see abs! sarah is hot and not fat by any means, and check out her ass. Sarah did not pay me for this or even knws me personally, but it pains me wen pple like u say negative things about someone so nice as sarah. 
sarah’s fan/ friend.

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