A Message for Debbie- Concerned Nigerian


Please I need to shed light to something very important here.
Debbie’s case is still trending on twitter meaning thousands of people are tweeting but just what 1.1m has been raised,my main concern here is this,she is in a critical situation and I can assure you I doubt she can get the help she needs from Nigeria,the money they’re raising what is it for?Surgery where?which hospital?who’s the Dr?is he competent enough? Click to continue reading…

we might be raising money and we aren’t thinking of using the money right to save Debbie the twitter Hastag doesn’t save anyone,what saves people is the right people and contacts,what blogs are supposed to be doing is asking medical personals to reach out,home and abroad,it’s have survivals reach out and shed light to how they had surgery and where,its reaching out to NGO’s I can assure from experience with all the money in the world and the wrong Dr,Debbie won’t get the right help.I am speaking out of experience,I come from a family with money,I got sick and oh I was quickly rushed into surgery back in Nigeria oh money was paid,excess but guess what,my issue came back,we went to another Dr same thing for 3years straight until I was flown to Japan where I had the final results and trust me it was life threatening surgeries,it took two Dr attempts in Nigeria with money for failure for my parents to retract their steps and get me the right Dr and right place,today I can testify I am alive.

Back in 2001 my grand aunt was suffering from breast cancer in the village,they kept praying and blaming it on witchcraft,her breast was spoiled rotten she was dying,it until  my elder brother flew her to India where she received treatment and chemo,her great looked worst than Debbie’s and I can Assure you my grand aunt is alive and in the village.
Honestly we need a better Dr and better hope for Debbie not just money not just prayers,God will work his miracle through the right Dr,I advice you guys,put a post with a phone number on someone who can explain exactly what Debbie is going through,what situation and all for Debbie will get help that way,all this contribute money accounts being thrown left and right,without the right medical attention and the money,God forbid but Debbie might not make it,Honestly.

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