Fan Fights Halima Abubakar on Twitter

I really think some people have to watch what they say to celebrities on twitter. I am not even taking sides on this. But hey, when you talk to a celeb and she tweets this as her last words, “I have been bullied all my life! I am done“, then it’s scary. It’s not fair.
Here is what happened this morning between Halima Abubakar and a fan on twitter.Click to read more…

The fan asked Halima for a follow back, but she refused and this started;
“Who you be self? You fine reach Tonto, or my queen, Mercy Johnson? You this shortie, you expired maggot.”
Halima fired back, “I am nothing, but you followed me. Go f*ck yourself.”
The fan responded, “I followed you because I want to be seeing your mess up. You this godiga (gold digger), smelling ‘ascrimate’. Go f*ck yourself, you this public toilet.”
Halima continued, “and hey expired? You mean your pus*y? Bit*h, I am not 30 yet. So, hey, hop on a d*ck and do a full split.”
Some of her fans were not pleased with this and someone tweeted this at her;
“Sweetie, it is very unhealthy for a status chic of your type to lose her cool publicly”
She later tweeted, “I have been bullied all my life! I am done.”

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