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Apparently a lot of you don’t know what is going on right Twitter. This lady above (@mi_yannie) got impregnated by @Mr_twissta and the dude has denied this. The lady has tweeted their chats together, said a lot of things and said once she puts to bed she will curse him with the child’s placenta. My sisters and brothers there is more to this o….but in my aporoko voice, and this gbeborun wey i no fit do well cus i dey salon( i quickly asked the lady making my hair to stop, so i can blog this) and just trying to type fast,lol.  All the tweets below are from the lady to the guy. She is a Jamaican but lives in New Jersey, the bobo na Lagosian o….Click to see her tweets….

All the tweets below are from the lady to the guy.
You can’t get me pregnant and not remember me
@Mr_twissta: @mi_yannie YOU , I don’t fxcking know YOU + I didn’t fxck you Yeaaaaa !!”stop denying, you did. And mi pregnant, for yuh
How can you not remember fucking mi? I’m so sad :'(
And even getting mi pregnant, I’m coming to get you in that Lagos
@Mr_twissta don’t fuckin ask me, you fucked me, you told me you enjoyed it, no condom, now you see, I’m pregnant and ur denying :'(
@mr_twissta am i the one that said you shouldn’t use the condom?? stop denying me, you fucked me, you impregnated me.
 This is so unfair
I hate men
It’s not like he has a massive dick, one 5inch thing :'( just because I was drunk
With his 5inch dick , he still could impregnate me , it is true size doesn’t matter. He should stop denying :'(
My life will be ruined.
I cannot be a single mother :'(
when i have this baby, I will use the placenta to curse you for life…so hurt :'(
@mr_twissta i will never forgive you for this… you ruined my life! it would’ve been better if you didn’t deny!

one of their chats

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