I’m Having Serious Depression- A Reader


I sent you an e mail earlier on, pls post on your blog. I nid the contacts of people who can help me asap…. Thank you

I am writing this in tears and pain and asking anybody who knows a psychotherapist in Nigeria to please send me their details because I am having serious depression. I was born into a normal family, I  attended a federal secondary school and a federal university. Got a job wit one of the distressed banks,lost my job during the crisis and ever since then my life has been on a fast downward hill. I could not get a proper job afterwards despite all my efforts,fasting and prayers. Read the rest of the story after the cut…

I got one with a private firm but due to their unseriousness and non payment of salaries I quit. Right now am trying 2 learn a skill,I beg for every dime I spend from friends and family and that is depressing, I now have a bad case of anxiety and fear cos of my inability to get anoda proper job and its affecting me badly,I can’t learn the skill properly cos of fear that I won’t make it, my relationships have suffered a lot. I decided to date an older guy who might tolerate me but my anxiety and fear has turned me into a drama queen in the relationship that the guy is exhausted,am so scared of losing him but I can’t tell him what am going through though he suspects cos he has caught me crying several times for no reason.  I can’t tell my family or friends what am going through cos I don’t want them to worry about me. This thing is eating me up slowly that I have turned to a heavy smoker and drinker. Pls if you have the phone number of any counsellor,helpline or whatever that can help me out of this depression,anxiety and fear that is gripping me pls drop it and U wld save a soul. I know depression is rare in Nigeria and lots of people wld abuse me but am still going ahead to shout for help!!!

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