JUST IN: My Pain

Hmm for those people who think readers don’t actually send in mails, or I go to other places to copy them, na wa o. How can I go somewhere and copy a mail and call it ‘my own reader’s mail’? No way! Well, here is another one. Just the way she sent it in… please click to read…

Dear ladun, i’m a constant reader of ur blog. pls i have this question i’ve been longing to ask. i’m one of those” not so lucky women” that happen to be small chested, my bra size is 34A, i’m married tho buh dnt av a kid yet(waiting on God). The whole thing dawned on me as i became an adult, i feel so down whenever i go out because of my *flat chest* as a result i always wear a padded bra. it really gets very embarrassing atimes, espescially when i go out with my husband an he’s eyes and head are constantly turning to stare at other womens’s boobs! gosh! you can imagine! even when we make love he carefully abandons my boobs u can imagine such humiliation*sobs*.>> i just dont get it. it hurts me real bad i dnt even know what to do again.. to save me the disgrace i hardly go out with my husband. he flirts with so many girls on fb, bbm, in the neighbourhood, church u jst name it…. i have a very loving personality …pls i need advice as to how to deal with this. to boost myself esteem in the area of my*chest* and what to do when i go out on events with my hubby n he’s eyes are everywhere spoting which boos is hot or not….. +are there women like me out here??? *I forgot to mention i’m beautiful too atleast i’ve won two beauty peagents*
 Thanks a lot pls i really need to hear people’s views. thnks a bunch.

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