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Dear Ladun,
I’m an avid follower of your blog and I’m sick of all the fake ass soppy stories of people seeking advice. I’m going to tell your readers MY story, not because I need any advice but because your blog has been dry of recent and I think it would make interesting reading. Please click to read this…

Anyway, I’m in my mid thirties, married and have kids. My husband and I have really good jobs and are quite successful. We had a great courtship, a real whirlwind romance. Our wedding was in many of the society pages of newspapers and magazines. Everyone said what a lovely couple we were. Life was good. I couldn’t ask for more. We started having kids and it seemed our family was complete. What more could a woman ask for, right?
The problem is that hubby has always had a roving eye, even when we were dating. I’d found out he was cheating on me several times and we’d go through the whole begging, sending flowers, crying and kneeling down routine. I’d bone for a while, he’d send friends and even his parents to beg me and we’d get back together. I thought he’d change after we were married. Hmmm, big mistake. He continued to carry around all sorts of babes and kept begging after he was busted. Apart from the cheating, he was a wonderful husband, loving, romantic, generous, respectful. My family loved him to bits and quite frankly so did I. Though I was heartbroken about the affairs, I knew leaving him was not an option, even though I threatened him with that all the time.
Four years ago, I attended an industry dinner / concert and even though I was out alone, I soon began to have a good time cos I saw many old friends. The champagne kept flowing and then 2 face got on stage to perform. In all the frenzied dancing and jostling, I spilt champagne on an older gentleman that was beside me. 
I apologized profusely and he smiled and asked for my name, telling me not to worry about it. As I was leaving, he asked for my phone number. I told him I was married, flashed my ring and said I didn’t think it was a good idea. Smoothly, he joked about needing to know where to send his dry cleaning bill to. I laughed and collected his number, promising to pick up the tab then he offered to walk me to my car since it was late and the car park was deserted. He insisted, even when I said I’d call my driver to bring the car to the entrance. We had a nice time gisting before the driver came and he helped me into the car. I got home and didn’t give him another thought…until the next day when I found some steamy text messages from some babe on hubby dearest’s phone. Something inside me just snapped. I decided not to confront him as I usually would. I picked up my phone and called my knight in shining armor of the night before. I mean two could play this game.
He answered on the first ring and knew it was me just from saying “hello”. I’d blocked my number and he went on to say he’d been praying I’d call since he didn’t have my contact details. He said he usually didn’t pick up unknown numbers but had a feeling it was me. We ended up taking for about two hours. It was great! He was funny and attentive and was intrigued by me cos I was acting all mysterious by blocking my number and not divulging my full name. 
The marathon telephone conversations continued and my phone bill skyrocketed as I was always the one calling. I really enjoyed playing this femme fatale role of being in charge and setting limits so even though he eventually knew my last name, he didn’t have my number and always had to wait for me to call. Of course, being that we’re both married, he couldn’t go around asking people we knew in common for my number so he eventually gave me a cellphone with a contract line that he was paying for so he could reach me anytime. 
Initially there was no sex involved, just a helluva lot of flirting and sexual innuendo. I went away to Accra for work soon after and he surprised me by flying down to have dinner with me. He said I’d always said I’d never meet up with him for dinner in Lagos because it was such a small place and we were bound to be seen, so he decided to come to Accra! I was tripped! We had a lovely dinner and talked until the wee hours. M kissed me and went off to the airport. He had to be in London that evening. The kiss was everything I’d imagined it to be and soon I found myself fantasizing for the first time ever about having sex with someone other than my husband. The worst part? I didn’t even feel guilty about it…and that, my dear LLB readers is how my affair with M started.
I’ll give you the concluding part of my story in a few days…that’s if you really want to hear it lol!

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