Kim Collins Sent Home From Olympics for Meeting His Wife in a Hotel

Kim Collins, the 100 meter sprinter from tiny St. Kitt’s and Nevis, has been sent home from the Olympics by his home federation. Collins carried the country’s flag in the Opening Ceremonies, and was set to participate in his fifth Olympics today for his country, as the 100 meter begins the qualification process. No longer. Why? Well, according to reports, it’s because he visited his wife and children at a hotel Friday night.
Collins took to Twitter yesterday morning to communicate the bad news. “My fans, I won’t lie. Won’t be running in the Olympics tonight.” He also added, “even men in prison get their wives to visit.” Continuing the evil discrimination against late 30′s guys, apparently the married guys with kids are the only ones who cannot have sex while in the Olympic village. One night stands, though, are reason for celebration.

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