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I asked myself if posting this was right. Some people might condemn this and say this is a wrong message the writer or myself are trying to pass across. But then someone might just need this, so I will post it just because of that one person. If this doesn’t concern you just move ahead please, it’s better for a woman to leave an abusive marriage than die in it. There is no remedy after death.
Make I no lie, I know we have women here who are enjoying their marriages to the fullest. May be you didn’t believe your marriage can turn out this good, and it has turned out fantastic. Why don’t you share your story? Help save a marriage today biko.  Please this is a special request. We are begging. Thank you. 
Click to read what she said; in fact I am posting all she wrote in the mail so you can understand…

Hi Ladun.
Pls in respect to the ksolo/wife story I have read about everywhere, I remembered this fiction piece I wrote a while ago. For all women who remain in abusive relationships.
Could you please share it and help save some lives.
…and the push turns to a shove, she falls to the ground, yea he feels better now, he feels like a man…. Enduring the pain she feels, she goes into their room, tucks them into their bed and wants to say goodnight, and they ask, ‘mom, why can’t you leave?’ And she replies ‘He is a good man. He loves us all. He is just sad’….. And as she takes out the trash the next day, the neighbours see the bruises and the swollen eyes, and whisper among themselves, ‘why can’t she leave?’, and she hears these whispers and even though she should ignore them, she finds herself saying out to them, ‘I can hear you, He is a good man, he loves us all, he is just sad, and I cannot leave because of my children. They need their dad.’…..
And that night, he came home, ‘sad’ again, and face down, he pummelled her again…but this time, she was weak, her body couldn’t take it, she lay helplessly on the floor, not making a sound, and seeing how weak she was, he took her to bed, saying how sorry he was…….
…and the day after that, still weak, she went to the market, to buy things to make food for the kids she so cared for, and the dad they needed, who loved them all….and she was really weak….and she fell down…and she did not stand again..and the doctor said,’she was weak, and her heart was not strong anymore, she just gave up’…..
And they cried, he cried the most. He must have loved her truly, and he definitely loved his children the most, because two weeks later, he brought home to them, another mother……

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