READERS MAIL: My Husband Flirts With My Friends and Have Them as Contacts on BBM

Dear Ladun,
I could have gone to another blog, but I believe in you, and I know that someday you would even go further than them IJN. I wanna share my story with you. My name is Tola, I live in Abuja, I have been married for over 6 years with two beautiful kids. My husband before we got married was the best thing ever, flawless, generous to a fault, God fearing, trust worthy and anything a woman would desire. But just into marriage, the lid fell from my eyes I have been deceived and have lived with all his excesses for 6 years now and it is just too late to back out now. Please click to continue reading…

When we got married I began to see his true color, there was no friday he stayed at home he partied out and came back the next day by noon, I can’t remember when last I had a date night or and outing with my husband since our honey moon, he Performs his duty regularly, provides enough up keep for the family, provides for the children, sponsor vacations abroad for I and the children excluding himself. He has a heightened sex drive. I try my best and give it to him anytime he desires it. But it doesn’t stop him from cheating on me; he even does it in the open. Other husbands take their wives out for wedding ceremonies; he takes his concubines in place of me in the open even in front of my friends. He has turned me into a house wife and baby making machine and a laughing stock amongst my friends.

The funny thing is that he is a worker in church, he is a Christian. On Sunday, he spends the entire day in church, but asides Sundays, he is a pagan, he sleeps with anytin in skirts, I have cried my eyes out, he flirts with my friends, and he even has them as contact via BBM. Anytime he comes back from business trips, I see packs of condoms in his brief case and his shirt smells of feminine perfumes. The worst still is that he has FOOLS as friends, I cry out every day, I pray and fast but for the past six years it only gets worse.
He and his group of friends (married men)have a BBM group called “RELOADED” where they organise weekend get aways. Organise the latest chick to lay in cheap hotels, plan get together, where they have numerous vulnerable chicks to fuck, party all night with their concubines, organize random bbm group with many university chicks (married men for that matter)they hook up with this girls, giving silly excuse that they are travelling for business trips. 
One of his friends a senior manager in a company on the island recently travelled to kenya with one of his concubines and posts pictures of them having a sex rump, I see this through the bbm group der organised, my husband has no remourse, he lives his fone open and knows I go through it but he doesn’t care. My sister it might sound unbelievable, but many things are happening via social media, twitter, facebook were they hook up with chicks, as old as this men are, they organise private boat cruise trips with a maximum of 12 girls so dat they are surplus. They lodge on a private beach and fuck the living day light out of them. Unilag, lasu and osu babes. The worst has happened. I just got discharged from the hospital, I contacted STD via my husband and he feels no remorse. I have had it, I am tired, I want out, this is too much, I need a divorce. Ladun what do I do? I need comments from your blog readers. I cannot take this anymore, my husband bringing diseases to the home. If I suggest he uses a condom on me, he would beat me and accuse me of cheating on him. This men cannot get their eyes off anything in skirts. I noticed his chat with my neighbours daughter, I can’t confront her, he Is sleeping with her and recently took her clubbing. 
Ladun please tell me what this girls have that I do not have, is their vagina gold plated or what. I am living in misery, I wish I we’re single, I wish I cud cheat on him but am a firm believer in the word. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and dodge meeting him. Pllllssss hhhheeeellllppp.
Well she sent this before now, and because there was a delay from my side she mailed me again this morning and said this;
Dear ladun, please I am begging you, please try as much as possible to be fair at all times and not selective. I sent you a true life story about my marriage. Please I need help. Suggestions and comments, please post my story I beg of u.
I am begging you in the name of God almighty, please do this for a friend!!! God bless u real good ladun, and I can’t wait for the final part of M and M’s story * smiles * its these blogs I look up too for succour, dey kip me going *coversface*.

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