READERS MAIL: Should I Date My Late Boyfriend’s Brother?


Hello Ladun,
Great job wit your blog. Please am in a situation right now and i feel fellow readers of your blog can help me out please.
My name is Amaka and i am in a kind of fix. There was a man i liked/loved but he is late now, he died last year, I liked him a whole lot and we kept in touch regularly and hung out a lot of times but sometimes he gave me attitude, refused for us to see despite the fact that he kept telling me he liked me a whole lot just that he was busy with work. Click to continue reading…

Shortly before he died he called to tell me he wanted to tell me something, he told me he was getting married that month and he was sorry for everything and i was devastated. To cut the long story short, i got a call few weeks to the wedding saying he was sick and passed on. During that period i got close to his senior brother and day by day up till now we became more close and i started having feelings for him, and it turned out the feeling was mutual because he told me first he really liked even before i told him how i felt. I am thinking of taking the next step with him but i don’t know if i am doing the right thing judging by the fact that i had something with his brother. (throughout the period i knew the brother we sort of had sex once but it did not last 5minutes) Please help me out Ladun’s readers. I would appreciate it a lot.

Kind regards

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