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Hello Ladun,
I must admit I started going through your blog not quite long (like two months ago) and I think I’m fascinated by the latest stories I get to read. I’m a blogger myself and for the sake of this write-up, I will like to remain anonymous.
My message is to those people out there who are waiting for God’s miracle in their lives especially in the area of “FRUITFULNESS’’. I know it’s not easy to be in the waiting room and nothing seems to happen but, I’m quite sure it’s worth it if you can apply a little patience. Click to continue reading…

Let me go straight to my point. I got married to my best friend (university lover and friend) of six years early last year and I must tell you that it was the best decision of my life. We agreed from the onset to wait for a year before starting to make kids even though I wanted two years break. We reached a compromise and understanding of one year eventually.

Well, before our one year anniversary, people, gossipers and all sort of bad belle people started wondering, asking themselves questions as to why I was not pregnant ( A lot of people couldn’t ask me because I’m not the type that gives room for such anyway). On my way home one day, my office driver that went to drop me asked if he could talk to me and I said he should feel free. He told me that he’s a prophet and what the spirit is telling him is that I should go on three days fasting and prayer and I should pray fervently against any spirit that wants to make me barren. He advised that I should not tell anybody except my husband (if there is any need for that though) and also that I should be naked for the three days of the programme and probably lock myself in a room.
When I got home, I told my husband and he advised that I should do it. Honestly speaking, I did it and after that, we agreed to stop *protection* we’ve been using during sex and start making babies. Yeah, in less than four months, I got pregnant. My husband was so happy and he gave the baby a name (yes he did give the 6weeks old pregnancy a name). Ladun, in less than two weeks, our joy was shattered. My pregnancy was ectopic and it ruptured. I almost died.
Now, I must say that it ruptured not because of my ignorance but because of the sheer stupidity and ignorance of the medical personnel’s we have in this country.  I went to complain a week before the rupture and I was given anagelsic. Before your readers will say I went to a cheap hospital. Let me tell them that I use one of the best/most expensive private hospital in the country and believe me, they are just thrash. Little wonder when Cecilia Ibru cried out that they should take him to LUTH instead of the private hospital she was admitted to back then.
To cut the long story short, due to the rupture of my fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy), I was already bleeding inside and I was rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital unconscious. The doctors confirmed to my family/husband that I had little hour to live if the operation was not done immediately.
My husband paid almost a million (900k+) for the operation and other expenses. I felt so much for him. He was a young guy who is just trying to make me happy and comfortable. The major thanksgiving was that he didn’t have to borrow the money. He took it out of his reserves. I became normal after two months but, I lost a fallopian tube to it.
I was mad. I wanted to sue the hospital but for my husband who pleaded and asked that I should make the matter silent. I wanted to make noise and spoil their reputation (I could do that though because my father was really upset with them). The hospital begged me for their inadequacies and sacked few people. Placed the doctor who gave me analgesic on suspension and all sorts but, that couldn’t replace my lost tube though.
I felt bad and annoyed.
However, I remembered God. I was told I had 50% chance of giving birth and also 50% chance of being barren. Also, I was told that I stood a higher chance of having another ectopic. I was afraid. Not really for myself. I was never the baby making person but, I was afraid for my husband. He wanted children badly and he loves them to bits. I had even proposed adoption to him before marriage because I told him I couldn’t stand labour pain (silly me) he rejected, cautioned me and told me I will go for epidural when the time comes and probably deliver my baby in the state so I’m very convinced that he wanted his own baby badly.
I went to God in prayers. My fellow readers, I went to him in prayers/fasting. I cried, naked myself and told him his promises for me that “NONE SHALL BE BARREN NOR CAST THEIR YOUNG” I rebuked the doctors report, I cancelled the evil reports, I confessed the goodness of the Lord and I also asked that my tube be replaced by the same person who created me since he had the spare parts in his store house.
Believe me guys, contrary to what the doctors said that, contrary to human believe and reports, I saw my period after one month. You know, for such operations, where your body had to adjust from a state of pregnancy to a state of emptiness, the hormones will also have to adjust and most times, because your period has ceased during pregnancy, it might not come back immediately. In most cases, it depends on your body system. I saw my period a month after the operation and I took in (yes, I got pregnant) a month later.
As I’m writing to you now, I’m three months gone and I’m feeling so fine. Anytime I go to the hospitals, the nurses and doctors always peep to catch a glimpse at God’s miracle in me.
My message to you is this. Are you looking up to God for something special? Are you on his waiting list? Please be rest assured that he will do it. Just be steadfast. If he can do it for me (with a report of a single tube) He can/will do it for you.
I want to tell you, no matter what your past is like (he’s not interested in that) he will do it. I had a good past. Lived a straight life but, I faltered in some areas. Let me tell you. I made a covenant of chastity with God in quest of the success I wanted amidst stiff competitors. He answered me and I failed to keep the promise. I told God to make me barren if I fail to keep to the covenant and yes, I didn’t keep to it, I fornicated with my husband before marriage but, I told him the covenant even before our marriage. Believe me, after our marriage, my husband told me that as far as he’s concerned, the covenant was made by me and not him. He said as long as he remains my husband, he cancelled it and rejected it for me. I was scared, and for a long time the thought alone of barrenness haunted me. Until my husband held my hand and told me “You are free”. “You are my wife and you can never be barren”
That was when I knew it was fear that took over me. I asked for God’s genuine forgiveness and he forgave me.
Guys out there are you frustrated, you have tried looking for the fruit of the womb and it seems all hope is lost? Let me tell you something, the night is always darker when it’s close to dawn. If He can do it for me, He will do it for you. Just Pray, ask for forgiveness and seek his face.
Your miracle is on the way.
Best Regards,
Please keep my Identity as anonymous. I hope this blesses a soul.

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