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Remember her? She was the single lady that sent advice to married women then. If you missed it or you still haven’t remembered her, please click HERE. She has another message to pass across now. Click read more to read what she has to say…

Dear Ladun and her entertaining readers, how’re you guys doing today? Remember me? of course not let me refresh your minds, I am the Single girl who had Marriage advice, I hope you all picked the Good habits out of my story. But hey I am back with something, this concerns all women.
As I told you guys in the previous post, I am single and not mingling and hey who cares, ‘m sure you don’t. A few years back I use to date a top Nba player, he is fine and sexy and tall, we met and hit off fast, he was so naive ATM I was the bad girl, the boy didn’t even know about going down on a woman, he was new in the country and the game, oh yes I spoiled him *sad bbm face* now fast fwd to a year later, we lived in different cities, I luv long distance relationships, we were so happy, oh how I love looking at pictures of his happy face from our skype sessions, and watching him jerk off just looking at me through skype *this is real, not your average fiction stories* 
Now fast fwd to a year into our relationship, he wanted to have us do the in a relationship shit on fcb n I didn’t want to, he was pissed, with all the money and handsomeness, like most athletes, he has low self esteem *i wonder why* after that I started seeing all types of girls writing on his wall, fat, skinny, ugly, cute etc, I wasn’t worried, hello I am pretty with Assets in the right places, but the problem is,I had to be worried, but I wasn’t, I didn’t think those fat skanky nasty looking hoes can make him think twice, don’t get me wrong he knew he could get it in with other chicks just not nasty herpes looking syphilis looking pork smelling chicks, oh I wish I knew those were my competitors smh
Now we never used to watch porn, cuz we read books and explored our bodies and acted the porn ourselves like he said, so the other day I was bored and I am thinking of getting me a boo thang, so I wanted to update myself you know, the 90days rule might happen fast, so I check phub and behold,as disgusted as I was I kept watching, I fell on fat girl porn and guess what a bitch size  50 doesn’t affect sex at all,yes ladies or my nice body girls out there don’t be fooled, the fatter the chicks, the fatter and nicer looking it was when they were doing doggy and hell they can give a mean Bj girl,I was so pissed ,u realized there’s more to life than we think, my ex always called Girls fat and even insulted his fiends chicks and all now I realized dude was getting it in cuz in bed fat don’t  matter when she’s getting it doggy or side ways,girl you don’t even see the cellulite, I was pissed upset and you know what? i was humbled.
Now fast fwd to 2011 I’ve had this thing with a guy,we not dating official, but we kiss n make out a few times a year when i am in Naija or when he’s in yankee or europe,just wherever we meet no sex,he’s so cute when he cleans up and he treated me right, he’s sweet but mean I say mean cuz we don’t talk no more, let me spare you the long story, recently he came to America from naija with his people and they’re hanging out with this fat ugly her  Nasty looking, drama queen, she put pictures of her with them on instagram oh she even had pictures of him and his boy cooking smh, she probably had a threesome with both guys the previous night i cant even hate, the thought of it kills me, like dude after me, upgrade like make me hate don’t make me angry and mind you this same dude ,a girl who use to be my home girl which I cut off is now shamelessly doing him *women and men are useless sha* and I was so disgusted but then I remembered, the Ass looks great during sex lmao,I know that sounds Cray but thats my new consolation
So the moral of this story is ,don’t under estimate people’s looks around your man and here’s why
 Fat girls *No offense* have low self esteem and will do anything to have/keep a man, they’ll give a mean BJ,they’ll swallow etc,cook,clean,etc are always ready to please
Skinny girls *No offense* can easily get a man but hard to keep like maintain, the ones that last long are just for show off you can take them to parties and all and everyone will think they’re hot, skinny bitches wanna be pleased, they don’t care about pleasing, they believe in looks and aren’t threatened by the fat girls but ladies after you read  this and maybe go watch the P you know you will be giving every fat girl and their mama a side eye around your man, I can’t help but think I was blind but hey ,s/o to P I can now see lol.
Hope you learnt a thing or two sex is sex,age,size,looks don’t matter to a D jor

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