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A friend of mine asked me to do this. I still feel it’s not necessary though. This is it. I have a lot of mails in my inbox from bloggers that I am yet to reply. Not because I don’t feel like, but I really don’t have the time. I am too attached to my blog. I feel a bit less busy now and decided to go thru my mails with her. I asked her to reply my Gmail while I do the replies on my yahoo mail. Ofcus we are both on diff laptops.  Click to continue reading…

Just as she was going through them, she said Ladun, most of them are almost the same. ‘You inspire us, please how can I succeed in blogging, I need your advice, blab la bla’. Then she gave me this suggestion of replying all through this medium. Told her some people will see it as a show off, she said it’s better than making your colleagues feel you are proud and you don’t want them to grow in this field.
So I will just write my own few tips of how to be a successful blogger. This might totally be wrong. But if you are one of those bloggers who have been waiting for this reply from me, then here it is.
Becoming a successful blogger (I’m not yet one tho) is not a difficult task. First and foremost why are you into blogging? What inspired you into it? Those are the first questions you need to ask yourself.
Blogging should be a passion, what you love doing. I love gist and entertainment a lot and those are what inspired me into blogging. I can’t do without my blog for 2hours. I feel so uncomfortable without it. Even if I have no gist to write, I still want to stare at it and read what people have said under the comment section. 
To me, I don’t think it is possible for a man to stay by his/her job for almost 24hours and do not succeed at it. I mean it is almost impossible. Except God wants to punish that person. 
If you like what you are doing, you will always find yourself there. That is where your mind will be. Take for instance, you can’t ever find me outside my home without my laptop. I go through my twitter page every min to see what people are saying or maybe there is breaking news. I have had instances where I would have to park by the road side to quickly blog. No matter where I am, even if it’s a family function, and there’s breaking news I quickly excuse myself, get into my car blog and go back to the party. I do this in salons too, anywhere at all. Nothing stops or separates me from my work (blog). 
That the blog moved so fast is not surprising at all. 
Secondly a lot of people are into blogging for money. Epic Fail!!!
Money? Please stop making me laugh. Even the advertisers won’t look at your side. When you are tired of waiting for one advert and you don’t get it in two years, you will quit. Cus your intention wasn’t to blog but to make money.
Like I have always said to people, I NEVER knew there was money in blogging before I started mine. I started it for fun. I was working with a media house then, and still do, but I felt I still had enough time to myself. And I really hate wasting a min of my time, so I said to myself, well, I can start blogging and just make that my own online magazine. Money was never on my mind. Did I even know anyone can pay me for advert? How? How can someone pay Ladun to place his or her advert on her blog? How? All I knew was, I am the one responsible for paying my internet fees, get my laptop and ofcus buy fuel in the gen if there is no light. Well I was willing to do all of that, as long as the blog stays on.
I got my first advert 9months after I started blogging. And it was funny as H. I told my brothers, that see o, one woman is bringing her advert, I don’t know what she thought about before mailing me. Then she paid 50k. Then I laughed. I said ha, let me work harder. Hmm, money from this ‘Ladun’s play’ (my blog)…ok no probs. And that was it. Today, advertisers beg us to reach an agreement with them on a price. Mind you, no be say we don arrive o, we still need more adverts, not just adverts, but the big ones. Lollllllllz. But we thank God.
So if you start with money on your mind, you will fail.
Blogging is fun. And people really take you important if you are a serious blogger. You need to see the amount of mails and phone calls I receive. They just want you to be involved in a lot of things. Some even see you as the voice of the youths. 
When people turn to me and say please we would like to interview you, I laugh and say on what?  I just still can’t imagine it. Someone wrote in a magazine and called me a celebrity blogger, I saw the mag, though they used a wrong picture, I laughed and laughed and just couldn’t stop laughing. It’s amazing how people take you serious.
So you see there are more opportunities in blogging passionately than out for the money. I am a very playful person, and believe if my face was out there, by now I would have been in the first 20, no be lie. My playfulness can entertain, for real , lol *side eye*.
Ok, I am done with the blogging thing. I hope I have helped.
Let me address the picture issue… abeg abeg, don’t kill urself over my picture matta, (not LL readers o) can’t stop laughing.
It’s amazing how some people have termed me ugly and even said; I’m so ugly that I am shy to show my own picture. Really? Pray I don’t reveal myself o. let me see which lady likes to show off sef, hmmm, can’t think of any right now. Me shy about myself? May be someone else. I am a drama queen, (yes dancing) say what you like, it’s the truth. Go and do your findings well. 
In fact, some of you should be able to read me by now. If there is someone who you think is ashamed of herself, it is definitely not me. May God forbid. Even if you say I am not fine, you will be saying that in the corner of your room. You that you are fine let’s see you, why are u not in limelight.
Abeg o, just erase that from your mind. I am TOO proud of myself. I am a journalist and I am not used to showing my face, I have always been behind the scene and that is the reason for this. Btw, I don’t need your opinions on this. I know the real commenters. BYE

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