Saturday, September 22, 2012

GOV. AMOSUN: Ogun State NSF Gold Medallist, Babatunde Okunade Needs Urgent HELP

I am Babatunde Okunade a native of Isaga Orile, under Abeokuta North Local Govt. Ogun State. A radio presenter and also a cricketer with national repute who represented Ogun State with a lot of laurels. I had a motor accident on 29th of August 2010, which involved my left arm. Since then the arm was not okay for me to use, I started feeling more pain early this year. I was given two options.  1). To either travel abroad for better surgery or 2). My left arm amputated. 

According to him, his association wrote a letter before now to the State Government but got no reply. So he has decided to write a personal one to the Gov. (Gov. Amosun), hoping he will get a reply, but they are yet to reply him too. He won two Gold medals and one silver medal for Ogun State in National Sports Festival from 1998-2002 and many more awards. And he is only asking for #1,749,025.00 for a surgery abroad. I saw this on another news platform but decided to bring it here because I know someone will see it and inform him. I also spoke to Mr Babatunde this morning and he is yet to hear from his Excellency. He said he had a surgery in July in India, and they asked him to come back on the 26th of October for the second phrase which will make the surgery complete and let him live a normal life again. I trust my State Gov to act fast on this. Senator Amosun won’t ignore this. Please click to continue.

17th September, 2012.
Senator Ibikunle Amosun, FCA,
The Executive Governor,
Ogun State.
Your Excellency,
I hereby humbly request for your passionate assistance from your noble self and your noble office.
This is to allow me proceed to WELCARE HOSPITAL, Vadodara, India for surgery on my broken arm. Sir, I broke my left arm in a ghastly motor accident on the 29th of August, 2010 on my way to that year Ramadan lecture at Imeko Afon. I received treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta for a while without any improvement. I was now given two options so as to ameliorate the excruciating pain I feel on daily basis, the orthopaedic surgeon said that it is either the arm is amputated or I seek surgery abroad with WELCARE HOSPITAL, Vadodadra, India.

Your Excellency, I had the first surgery on 7th july, 2012 which stop the pain with the initial deposit of seven thousand us dollars ($7,000) out of the fifteen thousand us dollars ($15,000) requested for.
The medical team of the hospital lead by Dr Bharat Mody were very compassionate and magnanimous to have done the surgery with the promise that when am coming down for the following surgery which is to be on the 26th october, 2012. I will come with the balance of eight thousand us dollars ($8,000).
My amiable governor, it is to this end that i am making this passionate plea to your humble self and your noble office to assist me in any capacity that you can, so as for me to be able to meet up with the 26th october appointment. Sir, this follow up surgery will make this treatment to be complete and my not honouring the appointment will render the first surgery useless.
Let me bring to your notice sir, that I am a hardworking and versatile young man that has brought glory to Ogun Staten in various capacities. My activates are highlighted below sir,

I. I am an astute radio presenter and a freelance Broadcaster with OGBC since 1997.
II. I am a cricketer player of national repute who represented Ogun State in the following competitions;
(a) Winner National N.N.P.C Cup – 1995
(b) Winner National N.N.P.C Cup – 1996
(c) winner 1st Philip Asiodu Trophy – 1997
(d) Gold Medalist National Sports Festival – (IMO 98)
(e) Gold Medalist National Sports Festival – (BAUCHI 2000)
(F)Silver Medalist National Sports Festival – (EDO 2002)
With various personal award in the game of cricket.
III. I also produced an audio CD album titled ESI IBO which extol the qualities of all South-West Governors that were elected in 2011 on the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria (A.C.N) which include your humble self sir.

The breakdown of the expenses of my next trip to india is as follows;
(i) Medical fee ( Balance) $8,000.00 – #1,320,000.00
(ii) Visa Fee $85.00 – #14,025.00
(iii) flight ticket - #250,000.00
(iv) Miscellaneous $1,000.00 – #165,000.00
TOTAL #1,749,025.00
Your Excellency, I trust Almighty Allah to use your noble self in playing a huge role in ameliorating my pains by assisting me in the proper use of my left arm. Sir, I will need the money so as to make the trip to India for the surgery which will take place on the 26th October,2012.

Attached here with the letter are necessary document for your perusal.

Thank you sir in anticipation for your timely gestures to a needy like me.

I will forever be grateful if my request is favorably considered and fully granted.

Yours faithfully,


  1. Okay.... Cool story ladun.. Extremely cryogenic ..

    1. May God not cool story your requests in time of need.

    2. Lool amen ..instead he should answer it! AMEN!!! thankyou soo much

  2. Na wa o. Gold medalist, silver medalist crying for help

  3. We celebrate our Heroes when they are dead and gone

  4. It's only in my country real hero's have no value

  5. I wish him a quick recovery

  6. I still don't get why someone who wins a medal is called a hero.

    1. You can never get it, that's why ull remain ANONYMOUS...No one knows u or wants to know u. Walk away if u don't have anything meaningful or helpful to say!

  7. You must be nuts anon.

  8. Ladun's biggest fan22 September, 2012 11:18

    Who is a hero to you please?

    The thieving politicians?

    I bet this man's needs are small and the state government can put him on a monthly salary or set up a business for him.

  9. Ladun's biggest fan22 September, 2012 11:29

    Plus pay for the surgery too.

  10. anno 3.39 who is a hero to u then??? hissss

  11. So much for some ass holes. This man needs help and the government needs to stand and help him. The debate here shouldn't be if he is a hero or not. Nigerians can bad mouth themselves sha. How many of you have achieved half of what he has achieved. He gave Ogun state a good name in the past, that is a big deal. let us celebrate him. I bet if Ladun had reported that the man passed on, many of you would have bin quick 2blame the govt.

  12. Amosun probably didn't get his previous letters. I trust him to act promptly once this is pointed out to him

    Pele o, Babatunde. May God heal you.

  13. Ladun, I don't know if what he needs is replacement of his limbs if so Mrs Amosuns office asked ogun state indigenes who are in need of new artificial limbs to register @ her offc. If it applies to him. Reply and I can gv u more details! If not let him drop a copy of this letter at Govs offc Oke mosan and also gv a copy to his S.A on Media. He shd also speak to dem at ministry of Health!

    1. Are u stupid? Can u read @ all?smh

    2. Reveal your Identity let me gv it to you HOT! U don't have anytn to add so piss off!

    3. So Ara what have u added? Someone needs funds to travel to india for medical reasons and u are talking about limb replacement? How daft is that?

  14. Pakistani Beauty22 September, 2012 13:16


  15. Good that an Ogun State rep has come here. But why must it get to this to get a response?

  16. Pakistani Beauty you are a bitch. Do you always have anything positive to say? NO

    1. Pakistani Beauty23 September, 2012 13:44

      Yes am a bitch so what? Shut the fuck up and move on

  17. @Ara thanks. No it’s not about his limbs but his left arm. Can you please mail me so we can talk privately? Having a connection at Mrs Amosun’s office is a step forward. Please it is very urgent, thanks.

    1. I think I made the mistake of saying limbs. Sorry. They r gvn artificial arm as well.

  18. really hope the gov hearkens to his cry for help..even if for reasons best known to him he doesn't want to drop all the money he can easily mandate or cajole his cabinet,hangers on to contribute the money like obasanjo did to otedola and dangote at a launching when he publicly announced donations for them even in their abscense lol

  19. Ara i think what you should fight for now is how to get Babatunde a helping hand and not defending the first lady or the governor here. Help babatunde that is what is needed. That is when Ogun State government have done well. thank me later.

    1. No pls don't get me wrong. Not defending them.I don't know them. I have done my bit by getting topshots to look into his plight.
      I only mentioned the fact that there's a scheme going on where they are giving artificial limbs, arms legs and so on.
      Hope he gets all the help he needs, Amen! Wishing him quick recovery and all the best!

  20. Ara this is Ladun's email.

    A concerned Nigerian.