How to Have a Successful Marriage – Foluke Daramola



1. Olympic Spirit
Olympic spirit is the spirit of competition. It has crept into many marriages
where couples who are supposed to work as partners are working as rivals.
Lovers now work as foes. They compete about building their own houses, buying
cars and about winning the love of their children.
Solution: You are
partners, don’t compete. You are lovers, don’t fight. You are companions, work
in unity. Don’t ever see each other as competitors but as companions.
2. Lovelessness
Husbands are commanded by God to love their wives and not be bitter against
them. “Husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them”. Colossians
3:19. Love for your wife should be deep in your heart. When you allow her love
to depart, you are making room for a difficult marriage.
Solution: Love
your wife and don’t compare her with to any other woman. Verbalize the love.
Tell her “I love you” often. Show the love to her by getting her gifts and give
her your undivided attention.
3. Disunity Not
walking as one, no fondness, divided house is the end result of so many
negative things in marriage. United we stand, divided we fall. There is no
place this saying is more true than in marriage.
Solution: Walk in
love, walk as one. Stand together, stand as one. Stand in unity. Join your
hands together, join your mind also. Have the same voice, the same vision, the
same focus and the same destination.

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