Is Bimbo Akintola Speaking On Behalf Of So many Nigerian Ladies?


According to star actress Bombo Akintola: “A relationship is work,” Akintola notes. “Marriage is a bigger work. Once you have signed the paper, you are in each other’s space – day in day out. You are two people with different backgrounds. You have problems until you have even grounds. So, it takes a lot of hard work to stay in marriage. That is why when my friends come to me and say, I am getting married’, I ask, ‘Are you sure?’ I have never dated any person and said, ‘Oh, this is the person I want to marry.” Click to read more lines…

She wants people to know that age hardly defines marriage anymore: “People can get married at 48 nowadays. It is no more a thing of ‘You are old’. And grandparents should no more put pressure on people. When you say, ‘I pick this man’, that is it. I like men, being not gay or whatever. But I don’t think age is a barrier. If you find a man 10 years younger or older, go on with him.”
She also feels there is nothing wrong in having kids out of wedlock. According to her, refusing to do so if circumstances call for it will mean what she calls double burden. While she does not, however, personally rule out marriage, she is rather amused when asked who her ideal man is.
“There is no such thing as an ideal man. There is no perfect man or woman. What you have is work in progress. Once you meet half way, you just have to build from there,” she explains.

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