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Your wedding day is not a day to take chances. I sighted a lady’s album on her wedding day and was forced to ask, who do you? Couldn’t even get my tenses right. Am not talking about a 1989 picture, I mean a 2009. I was indeed very surprised and shocked to my marrow. Click to continue…

That Aunt or friend that tells you, don’t hire a makeup Artist, me sef be makeup Artist, Beware my Dear Sister! Beware!! Don’t take chances. You will be surprised to discover that some we sef fit do am actually have an undisclosed beef for you, they would not tell you. She could be so nice to tell you Brides shouldn’t see a mirror on her wedding day!!! She makes sure she starts at rush hour when there is no time to change whatever she does. Oh dear, poor you…

When you get an Artist
1. Make sure you see her works
2. Ask relevant questions
3. Give her all the information she needs
4. Be specific
5. Know what you want.
6. Insist on a trial session.
If she seems not to get what you really want, appreciate her and courteously insist on what you want. At times though, u have to take to her professional advice and skill and don’t be too rigid.
Be wise to be religious with your skin care routine. Good skin, good makeup.
Try Clinique Expert custom. 3 step skin care system to cleanse, exfoliate (clarify) and moisturize.
Lancome Exfoliante, crème cleanser and polish moisturizer is also a magic.
For Acne & Blemishes Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser or Neutrogena Acne Cleanser are also a fantastic discovery.
Lastly relax like a queen that you are. A week or two to your wedding day should be for rest, rest, rest. 
Beauty sleep, therapy, drink lots of water, be happy!
Courtesy Ololade Facetalk.

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