Murder of Nigerian Citizen Alex Agbon…Can justice ever prevail?


This is such a sad story. Alex Agbon is a 26-year old Nigerian from Edo State who lived in Libya. He worked in Libya as an auto mechanic. Sometime in March, he had an argument with one of his customers, a Libyan. The argument was that, the fee the Libyan man paid him was too small for the job he did for him. Thinking it was over, the Libyan man went home, called him on the phone and asked him to wait for him at his workshop that he would soon be back. On his arrival, after sighting Alex he opened fire on him and he died immediately. Alex’s young wife is expecting their first child.
Alex’s father, a 76year-old man has sent several emails to the Nigerian Embassy in Libya to come to their aid and investigate and let justice prevail. They are not even sure if the Libyan man is in detention or not. ‘I am sad; I am in my old age. I can’t work again. Alex was all I had. Now they have cut off my joy’, he said wailing.
Below is a copy of one of the mails sent to the embassy by Alex’s cousin.

Mr Sulaimon Azeez Alabi
Asst consul officer,
Nigerian Embassy,

Dear Consular,

It is with astute sadness and anger, i write you as regards the gruesome killing of a young innocent Nigerian from Edo state, Alex Agbon. This story which you are already aware of. The aforementioned by was my tribesman and the only prospective child of his family, a young man who was a successful mechanic, and not that he was jobless or a thug in Libya, but was popular for his skills in fixing any kind of car. More so his wife is heavy with their first child. From the report we got from his wife, he got into an argument with a Libyan national over how much to be paid to fix the Libyan’s car, all because he said to the Libyan “i cant take this little money you are offering me”, the Libyan went home, called the deceased on the phone that he was coming to pay what he (Alex) demanded, only for him to come with a rifle (pump action), and shot the Nigerian as soon as he opened the door, hence making the unborn child fatherless.
The aged father, who is an ex serviceman, is in unprecedented tears, and sadness. He has not received any good report from the Nigerian Embassy in Tripoli, and with this report it shows that Nigerians are not safe in Libya, or can not count on the embassy to protect them.

He (father), has requested for the corpse of his son and justice for his late son, more so how does he get compensation for the gory killing of his son Alex Agbon. Please on behalf of the family and entire Ewohimi people of Esan land, we appeal that something right should be done, and the culprit brought to justice.

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