My best friend is about to make the biggest mistake of her life- Regina


This is a very long story but I’ll try to make it short. Pls
readers pardon me if I make any errors I’m not the best writer in the world. Ok
this is the story, my best friend met an igbo man in Abuja named Emeka*not his
real name though* cause I don’t want to reveal his identity.
She’s 28years old and he’s 32years old. They started dating
4years ago. Initially she didn’t want to date him because she was worried he
was going to be stingy because he’s igbo but when she got to know him better
she realised that he was in fact the opposite of stingy. She’s from Edo state
but lives in Abuja with her cousin working as a cashier in her cousin’s saloon.
Emeka is an America citizen by birth and he’s been in America all his life
until he moved back to Nigeria 6years ago to start up his own company. Click to
continue reading.

 Emeka’s parents
weren’t rich in fact according to him he had to do all kinds of part time jobs
to see himself through school likewise his siblings and fortunately for him
after he graduated and did his masters he got a very good job immediately and
because he’s very intelligent and hard working his boss liked him a lot and
promoted him to a high position within a few years of working in the company.
Most of his colleagues were so jealous of him but Emeka had
bigger dreams he wanted to be his own boss so he saved a lot of money and came
back to Nigeria to start his company and fortunately his company is doing
excellently well. I mean Emeka is super rich, he has branches in 3 majors
cities in Nigeria with the headquarters in Abuja where he’s based. He has up to
700 employees he treats his employees like family I guess it has to do with how
he had to struggle to be where he is today and in my opinion I think he pays
them well too at least I know for sure he pays his drivers 60k a month that
means he pays the ones working in the office more.
Well the main gist is that because Emeka believes so much in
education and wants the best for my friend he decided to send her and her two
only brothers to school in America, there’s no kind of names his friends didn’t
call for making that decision but he didn’t care all that matters to him is
her. He loves and worships my friend like she’s his god on earth. When she and
her brothers finally went to America to school they had the best of everything
people thought their dad is a politician or works in an oil company because
Emeka has a very lovely house in America and provided them with everything they
wanted, gives them money a lot and refused to let them have a part time job
because according to Emeka he didn’t want anything to distract them from their
And despite the fact that he’s a very busy man he still
manages to travel to America twice every month to see her and most weekends he
travels with her out of America I mean for someone that didn’t even have an
international passport before she met him and has now been to over 25 countries
I’m not even exaggerating I mean that’s a lot of travelling but Emeka loves
travelling so that explains why they travel that much and they only seat in
front of the plane and lodge in the best hotels wherever they travel to.
Most times I tease her that she’s living a celebrity life, Emeka
loves to lavish money on her. Most of her stuffs are designers I mean the
cheapest wrist watch she has is Guess. He spends so much money on her parents,
gives them monthly allowance. Last year her mom was seriously ill and Emeka had
to send her to America for treatment and even took my friend’s father too
because he wanted him to be there when she goes for her surgery. He paid for
everything from visa,tickets,hospital bills including feeding for the 2months
they stayed in his house.
Emeka is a perfect man and what amazes me about him is his
humble nature for someone that has so much money. And to be honest every day I
pray for my own miracle to meet someone like Emeka not exactly like Emeka
because that will be asking for too much there can only be one Emeka and my
friend is the luckiest girl in the world to have him.
He proposed to her on her last year birthday in Milan that’s
where he took her to for her birthday but he told her they’ll only get married
after her graduation and remembered vividly that day because she sent me a
photo of the ring on BBM with a message I said yes and I was very happy for her
not only did she have a handsome and tall man she also has a beautiful diamond
ring and I told her I could only imagine how much the ring would have cost
since Emeka only goes for the best.
My friend told me in March that she’s been having an affair
since January with a white man but she couldn’t tell me all this while because
she was worried I might not support her I was very surprise and disappointed
not just in her but her mom because she told me her mom is aware of it and
supports her. The thing is the white man is married with three kids but she
claims that he has promised her that he’s going to divorce his wife because
their marriage isn’t working out. Anyway I travelled to America last month for
the first time to visit my sister because she just delivered beautiful twins
even though I get to see my best friend every xmas because Emeka always pays
for her and her brothers to come to Nigeria every xmas to celebrate it with
their family and friends.
 I was still excited
to see her in America she was always coming to visit me in my sister’s place so
I asked my sister if it was ok for me to go and spend like a week with her in
her house and she was ok with me so my friend came to pick me up since I’m a
JJC in town. I got to finally meet the white man when he came to visit her or
should I say have sex with her in Emeka’s house, the truth is the white man
doesn’t even know that she’s engaged because according to her she only wears
the ring whenever Emeka is around and she told the white man that her uncle
owns the house and that he comes to America every two weeks and that he’s very
strict and wouldn’t want any man to come and visit her in his house, so the
white man accepted not to come whenever the uncle is around. I hated the white
man the very first time I set my eyes on him when he left his drink downstairs
and they both went upstairs to do whatever they went to do I wished I could
poison it because for some reason I blamed him for what was happening and I had
this feeling that something is going to go wrong.
Well after a week I went back to my sister’s house and Emeka
came to visit my friend as usually he even bought cloths and gave my sister
money for her babies the day he followed my friend to visit us and even took me
out with them for dinner before he went back to Nigeria he usually stays for just
4days whenever he visits. My friend came to pick me up that she wasn’t feeling
too well and wants me to accompany to the hospital but my sister is a nurse so
the first question she asked her was if she has seen her period and my friend
and I just looked at each other and started laughing because in the past we’ve
often thought she was pregnant because my friend usually has an irregular
period sometimes she only sees her period twice a year and my sister asked her
why she hasn’t gone to the hospital to find out what the problem was she said
that she has discussed it with Emeka and he has promised to take her to see a
doctor after their wedding but my sister with her busy body wouldn’t just give
up she called her colleague if she could help her carry some tests for her sister’s
friend and that was how my friend went to do the test and it was confirmed that
she’s 4months pregnant even though I know she has always had an irregular
period but being pregnant for 4months without knowing was a bit strange to me.
But anyway I was happy for her and I told her Emeka would be
so happy when he finds out and she just laughed like what I said was funny and
she told me that the white man is the father of the baby and I asked her how
come she’s 100% sure about this and she told me that she stopped having sex
with Emeka 5months ago because the white man promised her that as soon as he
divorces his wife he’ll marry her so she didn’t want to cheat on the white man
by sleeping with Emeka so she told Emeka that she wants to take a break from
sex she said Emeka almost went mad with anger when she told him initially but
since he always let her have her way in everything he has managed to be patient
with her about it and I was surprised I mean how many guys would understand but
then Emeka wasn’t just like any other guy he was different. Sometimes I wonder
if his a human being or an angel that God sent on a mission on earth. I mean
how many guys would make such sacrifices Emeka has made for my friend without
being married to her first, I don’t know any guy that would take that risk
especially not an igbo guy.
Well I asked her what she plans to do with the pregnancy and
hope she’s aware that this pregnancy is going to ruin her relationship with
Emeka and she shocked me by saying she has always wanted to have mixed race
children because they’re fair and beautiful and that she would rather marry the
white man because if she marries Emeka and he dies in the future that his
family members will come and drag his money and properties with her but that
will never happen if she marries the white man when he dies everything he has
will be hers that God has answered her prayer. Well I asked her when she’s
going to tell the white man and she said he’ll be coming over to visit her in 2days
time and she would want me to be there when she tells him because he’s going to
pop champagne so I said ok I’ll be there and she followed me back to my
sister’s house to spend the night there and the following day I followed her to
her house in the evening and the white man came the next afternoon.
When he came inside the house she didn’t even waste any time
she told him she’s carrying his baby and that she can’t wait for him to hurry
up with his divorce and marry her so they’ll have a perfect family. The look on
his face was out of this world, it was as if he saw the devil he was silent for
a while and he finally spoke and told her that he doesn’t want to have any more
kids and that he can’t force her to have an abortion but if she decides to keep
the baby then he’ll end the affair and will only pay for child support after he
gets the DNA result of the child but he’ll never for one day come to see her or
the child. And the first word that came out of her silly mouth was that so
white men do tell lies I thought they don’t lie and she asked him why he told
her he was going to marry her and he said because I never thought you will be
so stupid to believe that I would divorce my wife to marry a black woman do u
expect me to lose my family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and everything
I’ve worked for all my life for sex don’t u think that’s too much of a
sacrifice to make and he said I’ll call u tomorrow to know what your decision
is and he left.
She cried all day and called her mom to tell her everything
that happened and her mom told her to keep the baby because this might be the
only chance she has to have a baby and that she’ll make sure that the white man
changes his mind and that was how my friend managed to sleep that night and the
next day the white man called her and she told him she has decided to keep the
baby and he hanged up on her. It’s been a week since she told him about it and
she hasn’t seen or heard from him he doesn’t pick her calls. And the annoying
thing is that she doesn’t even know where he lives.
Well Emeka is coming back soon and I’m leaving America next
week but I’ve given her the only advice I can think of and that’s she and
brothers should start looking for a part time job so they can pay for their
school fees and rent a small apartment to live because even though Emeka is an
angel he will so throw them out of his house when he eventually finds out about
her pregnancy. What still surprises me is that she has never talked about how Emeka
will feel when he finds out. It’s like she doesn’t even care about him. But I
know she has made the biggest mistake of her life may God forgive her. But I
really wish she’ll change her mind and abort the pregnancy but on a second
thought is it not going to be too risky for her to abort a 4month old pregnancy.
I really wish I was brave enough to tell Emeka about the
white man just maybe he would have talked some sense into her he always have a
way of having solutions to every problem but then I would have betrayed my best
friend. I wish her brothers had told him about the white man because they knew
about it from day one. I wish she never met the white man. I wish her mom advised
her against dating the white man. Emeka doesn’t deserve this betrayal. He even
promised to give me a job in his company next year after my youth service but
with the way things are right now I don’t think I can face him every day
knowing what my best friend did to him that’s if he’s even going to agree to
employ me again after he finds out the truth. I’m sure he’ll hate me too. He’ll
think we all planned it. Well I can’t blame him I deserve it I should have
damned the consequences and told him everything. Now it’s too late. What can he
do to change what has happened.
I asked myself if it’s worth it her going to lose Emeka
because of the baby it wasn’t as if the white man was giving her money just
gifts. Somehow I don’t think she and her brothers will be able to continue with
their education because the school fees for the 3 of them is just too
expensive. And to think she has learnt her lesson hell no her plan right now is
to find a small apartment to move out to before Emeka finds out and throws them
out and after she delivers she’ll start hustling for another white man that
will continue from where Emeka stopped. I strongly believe that sooner or later
she’ll regret what she has done to Emeka and I pray God gives him a good wife
that will truly love and cherish him like he deserves because he deserves to be
happy and I also pray he gets over this heart break he’s about to experience. Thank
you if you decide to publish this story and also thanks to your readers for
their precious time and I hope someone somewhere wouldn’t make this kind of
mistake my friend has made. All because she wants to marry a white man she
wants to lose a good man like Emeka.

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